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5 Reasons WHY You MUST Invest in Your Product Marketing Team

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"The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing."

This was highlighted by our webinars speaker on 23rd April. The IPL webinar on ‘Why A High Performing Product Marketing Team Is Inevitable’ was led by Mr. Greg Davoll. Mr. Davoll has 30+ years of experience as a senior product leader and marketing consultant. Different areas of product marketing: Positioning • Messaging • Content • Sales training • Price and packaging • Evangelism- positioning product and content GTM (Go To Market Strategy) What makes a great PMM • Articulate: A PMM  is required to convey the message. It’s important to articulate the story in a meaningful way. Collaborative: Most PMMs do not have direct reports. They coordinate with the functional team, thus it’s important to be able to collaborate and articulate well with the plan. • Creativity: Leads to great breakthroughs in how you bring the product to the market. New programs, campaigns demands good amount of creativity. Analytical: You’ve to be able to frame up KPIs and metrics that illustrates and reinforce the work you’re doing and showcase the progress. Growth mindset: Being optimistic with the belief that you’ll get smarter, by learning more and working harder, you’ll reach a higher level of achievement and achieve better results. • Storyteller: You should be able to weave a story that makes it interesting for people to listen to you.

Five reasons to invest in product marketing

1. Define and execute your GTM:
PMM should drive the GTM plan in partnership with sales and product.
GTM includes goals, objectives and metrics aligned with the rest of the company.
Go to market plan is the perfect vehicle for aligning with your corporate goals along with product marketing and sales.

2. Evangelize your story/solution:
PMM should be able to tell the story comfortably and convincingly to multiple internal and external audiences.
The goal is to leverage the work and weave your customer use cases/ testimonials. Its important to include the ROI/ customer evidence.

3. Enable your sales teams:
PMM is responsible for training sales and sometimes partners.
Two kinds of training: non recruiting training and recurring training
Types of deliverables: enablemenr decks, whiteboards, sales cards, competitive battlecards, persona cards etc.

4. Articulate your story:
Aims at defining and articulating the positioning and messaging for your product.
It communicates the value of the product to the prospective customers in a meaningful and impactful way.

5. Accelerate your new Product/Service Launch:
product marketing is in the perfect spot to align and drive the rest of your marketing activities.

Emotions are essential for hooking your audience with good business storytelling. Here’s how you can craft a message that matters. Product marketing is key and you can know more with our series of free IPL webinars every Tuesday.

Design Thinking is something every digital marketer should use for product marketing.

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