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Master the skills that set the Top 1% apart

Working professionals in 260+ companies worldwide from diverse backgrounds have already met their ambitious goals by advancing their careers in Product Leadership. Unlock your potential with our programs.

Become the leader you always aspired to be.

Programs that suit your unique goals

Our learning-by-doing programs are rigorous, focused on building skills not just knowledge. We expect a certain level of commitment from everyone who enrols in any of them. But we also have fantastic Learning Managers, Mentors and Career Assistance with manic focus on delivering delight to help you along your journey.

Our Best Product Leadership and Product Management Courses include


Learn together. Not a cohort of 100. Live Classroom Sessions on Weekends

Global Practitioner Faculty

Distinguished practitioners as your guides

Learning by Doing

Hands-on learning by doing to build demonstrable portfolio

Skill Hackathons

Assurance of skills by demonstrating to industry & hiring leaders

Personalised Coaching

Unlimited 1:1 coaching with skill & career experts

Career Management

Dedicated career assistance with weekly hiring events

Awesome Network

Lifelong access to supportive Alumni Network & Industry leaders

Continuous Learning

Exclusive passes to live conferences, workshops, masterclasses and curated digital resources

Executive MBA in Product Leadership

Become the Product & Business Leader you’d want to follow.

18 months | Accredited MBA Degree | Experiential | Alternate Weekends

Post Graduate Program in Product Management

Accelerate your Product career to the next level.

11 months | Globally recognised Certificate | Weekly | Faculty-led

International Certificate in Product Management

Become a full-stack Product

5 months | International Certificate | Weekly | Faculty-led

International Certificate in Strategy & Leadership

Become a high impact Strategic Leader.

5 months | Globally recognised Certificate | Weekly | Faculty-led

Certified Associate Product Manager

Land your first Product Management job.

3 months | Globally recognised Certificate | Weekly | Faculty-led

Digital Learning Courses

Learn new age skills from Practitioners.

Online Courses

Not sure which one is right for you? Take our 'Product Management & Leadership' program Path Finder Quiz

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You are ready. Now is the best time.

Trailblazers. Our Pride.

4000+ working professionals from Engineering, Product, Entrepreneurship, Business Analysis, Project/Management, Design, Presales, Delivery from diverse domains  have already met their ambitious goals.


Visible and Immediate Career Impact.

Stories of those who got promoted, changed roles, started a venture, underwent transformation and went on to achieve great things in their careers.

Endorsed by captains of the Product Industry.

Companies who love and trust us for grooming & growing their Product talent.

Love & support from everyone on how we are doing in building the product ecosystem


Recognised and featured as a pioneer in Product Leadership education.

Individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean.

Creating 10k Product Leaders

As a mission driven organization we are relentlessly pursuing our vision of a world where every aspiring professional can access world class education in product management & leadership to unlock their potential, fuel their ambition without the barriers of location or industry.

Pioneers in Product Leadership Education since 2012

As Asia’s first B-school for product innovation managers, the institute was created in conjunction with the Executive Product Industry Council (EPIC) – a group of elite product leaders who currently drive product innovation from India in global companies to focus exclusively on Product Leadership with the aim of transforming professionals into future product managers and industry leaders.

The EPIC board, along with the Board of Academics and Research (BAR), distinguished Executive Coaches and Practitioner Faculty provide advice on continuously improving the programs to nurture the next generation of product leaders.

Learn from the people who do

“In theory, there is no difference between Theory and Practice. In practice, there is!”

Each program is created with and delivered by world-class practitioner faculty who have and are currently innovating, launching & managing products in the real-world.

Manjunath Subramanian

Product Leader

Greg Cohen


Muthuraj Thangavel

Product Leader

Pinkesh Shah

Chief Product Officer

Learn on Saturday. Apply on Monday.

“For the things that we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”

Don’t just learn the theory. Build actionable skills and apply what you learn to real-world problems with a hands-on approach. Build a portfolio of assets to demonstrate practitioner competencies and behaviour mindsets.
Show the world you are ready!

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Demonstrate skills and signal the world that you are ready!

A public platform to demonstrate your product management and leadership skills on real-world challenges to hiring leaders and get real-time feedback. 

Because even Tiger Woods needs a coach

Get personalized skill and career guidance from amazing Mentors that can help you grow faster through one-on-one coaching.

Nageswara “KNR” Rao

Career and Life Coach, Ex-VP Engineering

SaiSatish Vedam

Ex. Sr. Director Product Management

Subodh Kar

Product Leader

Kishan Malur

Product Line Manager

Dedicated career assistance to create a meaningful career that fuels your Passion and Purpose

Exclusive career opportunities

Innovative approach that emphasises talent & skill display

Weekly Hiring events

Directly interact with hiring managers

Get hired

Dedicated career assistance to create a meaningful career that fuels your Passion and Purpose

Exclusive career opportunities

Innovative approach that emphasises talent & skill display

Weekly Hiring events

Directly interact with hiring managers

Get hired

Because sometimes who you know is more important than what you know

Private, exclusive access to a supportive Alumni Network and also join the largest Product Leaders community for a world of wisdom, opportunities, Networking events, Conferences, Industry connect meetups.

Learn the latest and greatest every week in Product Leadership from industry experts

Get exclusive access to join Live Webinars, Workshops, Networking Events, Online & In-person Events, Skill Hackathons, Industry Connect events. For free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question!

If you are a business analyst, a project manager, a program manager, a designer, or in any product development roles like engineer, QA, engineering leads, tech leads, architects – no matter what part of the organisation you are in, it is essential to have a holistic understanding of the entire product lifecycle including what makes products successful in the market for you to grow to the next level of influence in an organisation.

It’s not just sufficient for you to have a good technology context but understanding the customer context, the market context – who are we building products for, what problems are we solving for them, understanding the business context – how do our products become successful and profitable in the market is

critical to drive innovation, propel your career into the next level, whether you are in a start-up or in a large organisation.

That’s what IPL programs are designed to do. To make you effective and successful in your roles.

Modern day executives are expected to rally & motivate teams towards a common purpose, influence people from cross-functional teams, convince key stakeholders like internal teams, customers, partners, investors of their point of view, make informed and contextual decisions, negotiate relentlessly and manage conflicts. These require some some specific leadership skills like:

  • Executive Presence
  • Art of Storytelling
  • Facilitation Skills for decision making
  • Influence without authority
  • Negotiation & Conflict Management skills

You don’t have to have prior product management experience before you join the programs. If you do, it certainly will help you accelerate that skill and develop that further.

Our programs will help you build foundational skills in User Experience, Agile Product management, Product marketing, Growth hacking, Strategic acumen, Business finance,  Art of Storytelling in a hands-on way.

All of this comes with a fantastic unlimited 1:1 mentoring, career guidance from experts with Career Labs and weekly hiring events with the singular goal of creating a really well-rounded personality so you can become a true product leader.

Product management is also not just in title but also has to be understood in the role. At the end of the day it’s a customer facing, innovation driven role where you’re involved in developing all the way from an idea to validation to productizing it to launching it.

Many people are at different stages in their careers and our programs are designed around concrete career outcomes, with the product industry in mind and help create the next generation of product leaders for their companies.

Hence we have several different Product Management, Product Leadership programs both short term and long, both campus-based and live-online, both certificate and degree programs.

Whether you are someone very interested to make sure you are not stuck in a particular role but get onto a high impact career path or, you are already in a senior role and interested in moving forward faster, go further faster to leadership roles, there is a program specifically designed for that outcome.

Take the assessment to get personalised recommendations on the right program that is right for our career goal.

We also suggest you talk to a Counselor to communicate your career goals. That will help you determine the best program for your needs.

The short answer is – very well!

The institute was created by industry CEOs and leading product practitioners, who form the EPIC Board that directs our mission. Most of our global faculty members are senior practising executives. In fact, it is not only recognized but deeply appreciated so much so that there are industry-sponsored scholarships to promote the creation of more product leaders in the ecosystem.

The Institute of Product Leadership is a globally recognized premium institute for Product Leadership.

The Executive MBA in Product Leadership program from the institute is laser-focused on building the actionable skills necessary for accelerated careers in the product industry. Here are five fundamental ways the EMBA is different from other programs:

    1. Curriculum – Relevant, New Age and Industry Career Path focused.
    2. Pedagogy –“Learning by Doing” and Experiential Learning.
    3. Global Practitioners as Faculty – “Learning from People who DO (not just know)”
    4. Personalised coaching – Unlimited 1:1 coaching with product and career experts
    5. Career Management – Lifelong access to dedicated Career Assistance with weekly hiring events

Since 2012, over 3500+ alumni have graduated from the institute. Over 280 companies have engaged with us to run programs for their senior management teams.

You can see hundreds of success stories of these Alumni and we’ve been rated 4.7+ by many others on Google, Quora for 10 yrs now.

So, don’t take our word when we say we offer the best Product Management and Product Leadership courses.

You can see how the IPL Product Management Certificate Programs compares with the ones from IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, ISB, Kellog, Product School, UpGrad.

Yes, flexible payment plans and financing options from several loan providers are available. Please contact an advisor by calling on the given phone number or email  for options that are best suited for you.

Yes, IPL also does corporate programs with large product teams where it is essential to have a common vocabulary across the teams for an understanding of the end-to-end product life cycle, the productizing process and the best practices.

See the corporate engagement page for more information.