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Learning By Doing for Product Professionals. Leadership. Innovation. Career Acceleration.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

An Intensive 18 month, Weekend Program Focused on Product Leadership Career Path

Go Further, Faster!

Not your typical MBA! The EMBA program at the Institute of Product Leadership is specially designed for working professionals  with 7+ years of experience who want to accelerate their careers as Product Leaders, Innovators or entrepreneurs. Armour yourself with Actionable Management Skills built at an intersection of Cutting-Edge Technology, Seamless Design, and Time-tested Business Principles.

MBA in Technology Management (TMBA)

A 2 year part time degree program designed for technology professionals who want to move up to leadership roles.

Get an Awesome Job

MBA in Technology Management is a specialized program designed for early career Technology Professionals who want to accelerate into leadership roles through mastering the business context, customer context and design context.

Say NO to General Purpose MBA and yes to Relevant Career Paths!

International Post Graduate Certificate in Product Management & Marketing (ICPM)

A rigorous 12 week program (Live - Online) that will help you move up and excel in a Product Management Role equipped with a Globally Accredited Certification

Master Inbound & Outbound Product Management

This hands-on learning program is designed for you to shine as a Product Manager in any organization, be it a large MNC or a Startup. Our experiential learning pedagogy ensures you walk out with a broader perspective and critical tools essential to make an impact as a Product Manager.

Product Management Professional - Workshop (PMP)

A 3-Day comprehensive professional certification workshop. Become a certified Product Leader!

Get Certified, Get Promoted!
The Product Management Professional workshop follows a hands-on approach through a structured methodology to product management both inbound and outbound. It is focused on building and developing foundational skills for end-to-end product management and strategic marketing. Understand the Productizing Process framework and methodology with practical applications.

Alumni Success Stories

IPLites have gone on to achieve great things after graduation, accelerating and transitioning across their career paths.


Kiran Kashikar, EMBA 2014

Kiran Kashikar, EMBA 2014, Project Manager to Product Manager (CGI)


Sima Umathay, ICPM 2014

Project Manager (Cisco) to Product Manager (Flipkart)

Got Promoted, Changed Roles, Started a Venture

Most IPL Alumni have seen immediate and visible career path impact and transformations, redefining their fields, and living their dreams.


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