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Bridging skill gaps in product and data to provide you competitive advantage

Upskill your employees periodically to bridge inevitable skill gaps

Every organization is different, so we take a modular approach to learning and customize it to fit your needs.

2000+ Corporate Alumni have already benefited from IPL’s “Learning by Doing” pedagogy with a customized or an existing role-based learning initiative.

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Digital Learning

The highest quality eLearning courses tailored to fit the needs of companies like yours

Pick and choose from the wide list of courses across Product and Data according to your specific requirements and create your Program for the best outcomes.

Campus /Offsite Programs

Feel confident your team is learning from the industry’s best

Upskill your team with courses on the most in-demand technology topics, taught by the experts who know them best.

Pre & Post Skill Assessments

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Executive MBA
in Product Leadership

18 Months | Accredited Degree Program | Campus | Weekends

International Certificate
in Product Management

5 Months | Off-Campus

Global Certifications

Certified Product Manager (CPM)

Accredited Certification Program | Virtual /Campus Workshop | Online Exam

Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM)

Accredited Certification Program | Virtual /Campus Workshop


Certified Product Owner (CPO)

Online Certification | Assessment | Live Case Study & Interview

Upskill and Reskill for Better Business Outcomes across Multiple Areas

Upskill your team with courses on the most in-demand technology topics, taught by the experts who know them best.

Course 1: FPM401 Product Management Fundamentals

■ Role of a Product Manager
■ PM Career paths
■ Hard & Soft skill for product Manager
■ Product Mindset and the Product Life Cycle
■ Productizing process

■ Creating value for customers
■ Elements of value
■ Understanding customer problem with empathy
■ Mapping personas by understanding customer pain points

■ Performing Market Research
■ Market Research Techniques

■ Building blocks for business model
■ Business model patterns
■ Customer centric – Business Model Design

■ Jobs to be done(JTBD) framework
■ Customer pains and gains
■ Understanding problem & solution
■ Achieving fit between value proposition & customer profile
■ Embedding value proposition into business models

■ Defining MVP
■ Building MVP
■ Purpose & Benefits of MVP
■ Problem solution fit
■ Product market fit
■ Business model fit

Course 2: FUXI401 UX/UI Design

■ What is design thinking
■ Design thinking for Product managers
■ Design thinking approach
■ Key tenets of design thinking

■ What is a wireframe
■ What is the difference between wireframe and a prototype
■ Low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes
■ Paper prototyping
■ Digital prototyping

■ How to build a better understanding of user with designers
■ How to negotiate timelines with designers
■ How to motivate & engage designers
■ How to critique & give feedback on design

■ Frameworks for designing AI products
■ Framework for designing immersive technology products

■ Presenting ideas and concepts at all stages of the prototype
■ Adapting presentation for different types of audiences
■ Telling stories which your audience wants
■ Using imagery and visualization to communicate your ideas
■ Using storyboards to communicate your ideas effectively

Course 3: FAPM401 Agile Product Management

■ Digital B2C & SaaS B2B Products
■ Developing an Agile Mindset
■ How will AGILE help you deliver more successful products
■ Economic benefits of Agile
■ Understand the purpose of a workflow management tool
■ How to utilize it as a product manager

■ Components of product development strategy
■ Agile cyclical iteration workflow
■ Feature driven development

■ Types of product roadmaps
■ Building a product roadmap
■ Planning sprints
■ Working with agile team members

■ Prioritisation framework
■ Defining objectives and key results
■ Goal oriented prioritisation
■ Product backlog prioritisation

■ Using various frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, scaled agile framework (safe)

Course 4: FPDM401 Product & Digital Marketing

■ Marketing plan
■ Market sizing
■ Segmentation & Targeting

■ Understanding the competition
■ Formulating a positioning strategy
■ Collaborating with marketing team to develop a marketing messaging

■ Channel acquisition strategy
■ Channel Partner strategy

■ Developing growth Marketing strategies
■ Product Growth strategies
■ Audience and Channels for growth

■ Demand generation
■ Lead generation
■ Customer acquisition through digital marketing

Course 5: FDPM401 Digital Product Management

■ Understanding Hypothesis driven product development
■ Using hypothesis driven development
■ How to establish strategic goals
■ Key metrics involved
■ Linking the key metrics with your strategic goals
■ Choosing efforts which make the most impact
■ What is Product Analytics
■ Product Analytics importance
■ Product Analytics stakeholders
■ Product Analytics for Product Managers
■ Using Product Analytics platform
■ Aligning product metrics to the goals
■ Identifying the key metrics
■ Identifying the Northstar Metric
■ GAME framework
■ Why SaaS businesses are opting to be product-led
■ The Two Main Benefits of Product-Led Growth
■ The Three Elements You Need To Master Product-Led Growth
■ Minimizing Friction
■ Driving Demand
■ Sales and Marketing

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