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Why Executive MBA in Product Leadership?

Become a cross functional leader in the context of business, market, customer, product & innovation. Master the art of storytelling, stakeholder management, influence without authority, negotiation and more. Learn by Doing it right with experiential learning led by industry's top decision makers as faculties / executive coaches.

curriculum designed by leading industry practitioners for senior / mid-career professionals.

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NOT YOUR TYPICAL MBA! The Executive MBA program at the Institute of Product Leadership is an 18-month experiential UGC approved degree program that specializes in transforming senior / mid-career professionals into C-suite executives. With over 3000+ alumni at top positions leading million dollars businesses, the program focuses on building & nurturing hands-on strategic decision making as well as business execution guaranteeing 6X growth in 3 years.

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Global Practitioner Faculty

Last Date to Apply

October 09, 2022

Early Admitted Participants get access to additional Career Coaching, Learning Labs and Harvard repository.

Duration & Fees

18 Months

Admission Fee: ₹ 60,000
Course Fee: ₹ 2.6 Lakhs / semester

100% Financial Assistance

On Campus


3 Semesters of the experiential learning will happen on campus every alternate weekends.


Mid Career Executives

A bachelors Degree in any discipline with minimum 50% marks.


Executive MBA That Focuses on

Becoming a High Impact Leader

Its not about managing people anymore. Modern Innovators are expected to see the bigger picture & lead decision-making rather than just executing on orders.

Learn what's Relevant

Understand the know-how of innovation, influence and problem solving. Also, specialize in new-age skills –  
Product Leadership, Applied Data Science & Design Thinking; rather than general principles of management.

Building a Portfolio

Portfolio of demonstrable skills weigh a lot more than resumes! Real-world problem solving skills + Networking with hiring managers, ultimately triggers Career Transition /  Acceleration to C-suite roles.

Hear from the
Hiring Managers


Our alumni speak

Because learning has to be ROI driven especially for professionals for whom time is more important than money!

72% of companies across all industries are going through digital transformation & hence what we need are leaders and managers who can understand the context of customer, technology and business.
Amit Phadnis
Office of CTO, GE Healthcare

Career Impact & Accelerated ROI

We believe that Executive Education should produce 6x return in 3 years

Getting Promoted

Career Path Transitions & Accelerations are predictable through demonstration of skills. Be hands-on in strategic decision making as well as business execution with ‘Learning by Doing’ pedagogy.

Cross Functional

Have a proficient understanding of the implications of technology – applied data science – product design – new initiatives and more, on the whole product portfolio. As well as leading cross-functional roles in managing products end to end. 

Clear ROI beyond accredited degree

Leveraging global alumni of 3000+ senior leadership professionals, global practitioner faculty, access to dedicated & unlimited 1:1 career coaching, industry webinars, masterclasses, networking events and additional learning resources that facilitate continuous learning. 


Professionals who demonstrate customer context, business context and innovation context together with data as well as storytelling skills consistently make much more and grow 6X faster than their counterparts.

Become the CEO
of the product

Master all aspects of the product’s strategy and execution – the end-to-end process of discovering, designing, developing, delivering and managing products.

Be your own Boss

As a stepping stone for future entrepreneurs the program provides both networking and experiential learning with unlimited 1:1 coaching on venture capital building for mid-career professionals who aspire to take the lead in the world of new business. 


Curriculum designed by leading industry practitioners for mid-career professionals.

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Skill Hackathons
Incubator Tracks

The EMBA in Product Leadership is designed for experienced professionals wanting to build end to end skills needed lead product decision / execution in top organizations or even start their own ventures.

  • 3 Semesters of Integrated Learning by Doing, Skill Labs & Industry Internships.
  • Traditional exams replaced by Skill Hackathons – working on real company problems sponsored by hiring managers.

Core Courses

Foundation courses focused on design, marketing and leadership skills.

Value Proposition Design

Leadership Skills for Product Leaders

User Experience Design & Prototyping

Product Marketing & Growth Hacking

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate courses focused on Product Innovation, financial and Advance Leadership skills.

Strategic Acumen For Product Leaders

Business Finance for Product Leaders

Product Operations

Advance Leadership Skills for Product Leaders

Advance Courses

Advance courses focused on technology, analytics and Leadership Portfolio.

Data Analytics for Product Leaders

Leadership Portfolio

Technology Trends

To get an in-depth view of the program curriculum, download the brochure.


Sandbox Environment for Applied Learning

Learn on Saturday, Apply on Monday!

Product Labs

Bring Your Own Idea (BYOI) – Build and execute your business & product prototype end to end. In the experiential platform of “Learning by Doing”, build & validate your MVP simultaneously working on growth-hacking tactics, product & finance planning, product marketing, and more.

Skill Labs

Practice & implement new-age skills augmented through comprehensive frameworks and skill-hackathons, by working on real-time industry problems and simulations.

Communications Labs

Establish your Personal Brand: Skills such as Art of storytelling, Cross-culture Communications, Networking within & outside, Influence without Authority Stakeholder Management, Negotiation, and more.

Career Labs

Unlimited Career Opportunities via Talent Hackathons from DAY 1, networking with hiring managers / industry meet-ups and more.
Sessions on career path planning, unlimited 1:1 career coaching, mock sessions by industry leaders, and more.


We look for the right kind of people for this program who are passionate enough to build their career in product leadership.

Application Submission

Statement of Purpose and profile information

Online Test

Scenario based Innovation IQ Assessment. No Prep necessary

Personal Interview

Group Discussion and Campus Visit

Start your Application and Get your Assessment

Application Fee 3500 INR

(includes the Skill Aptitude Test & Campus Visit)

Frequently Asked Questions

IPL’s programs are specifically designed keeping in mind the busy and packed schedule of executives. IPL understands that time is most important for working executives like you. Therefore, our curriculum’s ROI is designed for speed and momentum. Being a cohort of senior practitioners in the program, we understand that it is important to attend critical work and family matters and that you might not be able to attend a class on the campus.

Every live class interaction is recorded in HD video and is available within 48 hours of the class online in the Learning Management System (LMS). With your personalized login, you can access it anywhere, anytime.

This is also useful if you want to go back to a previous class and review a certain topic in action even if you attended that class!

Modern day executives are expected to rally & motivate teams towards a common purpose, influence people from cross-functional teams, convince key stakeholders like internal teams, customers, partners, investors of their point of view, make informed and contextual decisions, negotiate relentlessly and manage conflicts. These require some some specific leadership skills like:

  • Executive Presence
  • Art of Storytelling
  • Facilitation Skills for decision making 
  • Influence without authority
  • Negotiation & Conflict Management skills

Nothing is wrong with the general management approach. In fact, it’s good for people who don’t know what they want to do and want to understand various topics and get an appreciation of the art and science of management. A general management MBA provides you the degree and knowledge, but the experience has to be gained on the job. All jobs specialize in functions, roles, and industries. This means that after a general MBA you will have to choose the industry and the role and then acquire experience in that role before adding value and creating a demand for your talent.
Executive MBA in Product Leadership, on the other hand, is a specialized MBA. It is good for people who know the general direction of their career and that is to be in the product industry as a techno-business leader – NOT an HR leader or a Finance Leader. The specialization brings “relevance” and cuts short the long journey by specializing in Product Leadership. The program equips you with the product mindset – transformation and knowledge skill sets to apply in current roles instantly. In short, you will achieve the knowledge and the experience simultaneously.
In a nutshell, the EMBA in product leadership is for those who know they want to be product leaders.

The EMBA program has face-to-face sessions on the campus on alternate weekends from 9 AM to 7 PM every month. It is an 18-month program with additional 2 months for industry internship project allowing the participants to become eligible for doing a PhD in future. One can accelerate and finish the courses and project work as early as 18 months.

The major difference between the two is the way the entire curriculum is designed. An EMBA from ISB or IIM does not give you the flexibility of working while you pursue your course. But IPL gives you that flexibility where in you are free to continue working while you pursue your course.
The Institute of Product Leadership offers an excellent EMBA course in Product Management that draws cohorts from the top technology companies and MNCs. Classes meet on alternate weekends at one of their Bangalore campuses. It’s an intensive 18-month program that has drawn rave reviews from alumni.

Yes. This is an accredited, government-approved formal degree program. It’s a UGC-approved, formal MBA degree program jointly offered by a partner university in India.

Increase in salary is dependent on various factors apart from the completion of the EMBA program itself. It largely depends on the kind of industry that you are transitioning to and the prior experience you have in the domain you are moving into.

Alumni research indicates an increase in excess of 25% of their financial plan within six months of graduating. A Product Manager’s annual salary in a 2014 survey was pegged at INR 32 lakhs; Chief Product Officers at leading companies are drawing a salary of INR 1 crore or higher.

No. We DON’T expect professionals to quit or break from their current work. In fact, if you are a working professional you have a higher chance of getting accepted!

The program does expect an additional commitment of 10-15 hours a week for project work, assignments, online supplemental pre-readings (for example, Harvard Business Cases, simulations, etc.) It is flexible by design but still has enough rigor to ensure applied learning.

The institute receives certain grants from certain foundations, entities for a specific duration to enable professionals in new age skills e.g. (Product, Data, Design) for the larger industry benefit. This grant amount is automatically applied to the program fees for the EMBA cohorts. 

There are also several industry-sponsored scholarships which are awarded in the sixth trimester based on cumulative class performance over the first four trimesters. Aside from the financial payout, it is also a prestigious title in the industry. Talk to your counselor for details.

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