ipl school of data science

Data Science & Analytics Programs

Learn both technical & business thinking skills, and get career support to get hired.

Accelerate Your Career

Data Science, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programs in both Campus and Off-Campus modes for building new age skills in Data and Analytics. Master the concepts and applications of business analytics, data visualization, data storytelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence to compete in this data-driven economy by choosing a program from a world-class university.

Learn the skills and become a data science professional by pursuing jobs like data analyst, data science manager, or data scientist—or transition into an analytics-enabled role like a functional business analyst or a data-driven manager.

Executive MBA in Data Science & Technology Management

Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

International Certification in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


ipl school of data science

Institute of Product Leadership’s School of Data Science was created to address one of the most important challenges that businesses are facing today: to make sense of the abundant data that organizations grapple. Exceeding the need for Data Scientists is the need for Data Science Professionals. These are people with cross-functional skills who are able to work in different areas of the data life cycle.