About School of Data Science

We need more Data Science Professionals

Institute of Product Leadership’s School of Data Science was created to address one of the most important challenges that businesses are facing today: to make sense of the abundant data that organizations grapple . Exceeding the need for Data Scientists is the need for Data Science Professionals. These are people with cross functional skills who are able to work in different areas of the data life cycle.

Plot Your New Career Course with an Applied Data Science Program

We offer professional certificate courses in applied data science. Our programs are designed for working professionals who are keen on building their careers in data science, and enhancing their skillset to command a premium in their compensation.
Our programs (PGP in Advanced Data Science- PGPADS and International Certificate Program in Data Science-ICDS) are industry focused, developed in collaboration with our industry council, which caters to the needs of the corporate. We offer internship projects, to ensure that our analytics and data science programs give you exposure to real world data science problems and build your demonstrable assets that become your career assets and help you successfully transition into data science roles.

Industry Council


MBA in Applied Data Science

The MBA in Applied Data Science is a 24-month experiential degree program that focuses on transforming you into a hands on skill driven, strategic Data Science Manager in today's data driven economy.

International Certificate Program In Data Science (ICDS)

This curated 6 month program (blended online - live and classroom) will help you move up and excel in the Data Science role equipped with globally recognized skill-sets.

Data Science Certification Workshops

Data Science workshops are fast track way to understand the nuances of tools, techniques and algorithms used in data driven decision making. It allows confident cross functional communications with data scientists, engineers and business stakeholders.

Data science Assesments

For Organizations

Benchmarking talent & Hiring right

Critical for balancing Data Skills in every project or team

For Individuals

Personalized Gap Analysis

Each assesement comes with 1:1 coaching session

Career Mapped Competencies

Industry Best practices driven mapping across Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Science Manager careers

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