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Let skilled participants work on your tough problems to co-create and develop insights for you


Industry EXPERTS

Industry Sponsored Challenges (ISC)

Internships & Skill Hackathons form the strong foundation of experiential learning – “Learning by Doing” for all participants at the Institute.

Hundreds of companies have partnered with the Institute to offer internships (for full-time students) and sponsored challenges (for senior executives) on variety of skill areas. Whether it’s revamping your product UX or a new market expansion, participants can add tremendous value to the organization by working on challenging projects under the guidance of our faculty. Students in turn will leverage their applied learnings to create impact for the sponsor as part of their curriculum.

Typical Internship Themes


Competitive Analysis


New Venture Business Plan Creation


Market Expansion


Digital Marketing & Positioning


Go-To-Market Strategy


Strategic Pricing & Monetization.


UX and UI Design

How to get started

Participants are paired to each internship opportunity and depending on fulltime or part time they can be co-located within the offices of the organization. Duration is usually 3-6 months.

Delighted Project Sponsors

"Nothing like typical internships, the quality of work produced was nothing less than professional. Great passion and relevant skills was reflecting in their output"

Value Proposition for Sponsors

Great way to source talent

Recent Project Sponsors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fulltime Participants are available for 3-6 months and can co-reside inside the company (fulltime). Part time Executive Participants (7+ years of experience) work for 100 days and spend spend on an average of 10-12 hours/week.

All IP ever created under the educational program is the ownership of the company. Neither the Indsitute nor the participants hold any rights to the outcomes, deliverables, work created through internship. 

  1. The project sponsor may require the participant to sign any NDA specific to IP confidentiality as per the company norms.
  2. We recommend the project sponsor not to share any project with sensitive IP information and instead work with anonymized data sets
  3. Sponsors can approve and screen the participants before the assignment starts

Yes the project sponsor would get to screen all the available candidates to choose the right participants for the project

Its optional but highly encouraged. For working Professionals funds can be used to reimburse for their travel/food expenses as they cannot accept direct payment. The primary objective of Industry Immersion track is to facilitate experiential learning working on real world market problems and in the process bring value and showcase the talent to the project sponsors or potential hiring managers.

The number of participants per project can be 1-3.

Absolutely, our goal is to ensure organizations get access to top talent and skilled professionals to build their competitive edge in the marketplace. Contact the Career Management Cell if you’d like to extend an offer to have them continue to work beyond the internship or industry sponsored challenge duration