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As products proliferate and businesses turn into unicorns, professionals with market-ready skills in managing products, teams & businesses are in great demand.

The School of Product programs at the Institute of Product Leadership combine practical skills, mindsets, and competencies to meet the needs of the industry, and to prepare you for the role of an impactful product manager. These product management courses for working professionals range from workshops and online certifications to comprehensive MBA-level programs, with each of them perfected to equip you to hit the ground running.

Learn from practitioners, gain hands-on experience, master leadership skills, and sharpen your business acumen through the industry-relevant product management courses listed below, and prepare to transition into a product manager role or accelerate your career to become a product leader.

18 Months | UGC Accredited Degree Program | Alternate weekends on campus

11 Months | Off Campus | Live Faculty-Led Sessions

5 Months | Off-Campus | Live Faculty-Led Sessions

International Certificate in Strategy & Leadership

5 Months | Off-Campus | Live Faculty-Led Sessions

3 Months | Off Campus | Live Faculty-Led Sessions

2 Days | On Campus
6 Days | Live Guided Sessions

3 Months | Off Campus | Live Faculty-Led Sessions

6 Days | Live Guided Sessions

PGDM in Product Management

2 Yrs | AICTE Approved | Campus | Full Time

Product Management Blogs

What is Product Management?

Product Management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product – from discovery to the launch and beyond. Managing a product is a continuous activity that requires a multidisciplinary skill set.

Strategizing and planning aside, you must be ready to be hands-on with certain aspects of product development, design, and marketing as a product manager. It is a well-compensating role that is equally rewarding and demanding.

A good product management course helps you gear up for the challenges of managing the entire lifecycle of a product.

The role of a product manager is deeply intertwined with every area of a product’s lifecycle. Going through the various phases of a product’s journey will help you capture the essence of product management. We can identify four such phases in the product development cycle.


This phase starts with the conceptualization of a product and ends with the validation of the prototype. As a product manager, you are responsible for identifying the specific customer needs that the product will solve. Then, you would have to put a team together to build a prototype after combining all your research and creative ideas. And once it is done, you will have to validate it before taking it forward to the next phase.


Now that you have a valid prototype, you need to understand the market sentiment and get deep into the financials. You need to run a feasibility analysis, allocate resources to optimal effect, and prioritize tasks in favor of maximum efficiency.

Design and Development

Finally, the most exciting phase starts. You have to work actively with developers and designers to align the idea of the product with the actual product through a constant feedback mechanism from the users. You need to help the developers build something that would create value for the customers while boosting business growth.


You will work with sales executives to perfect the pitch because no one knows the product better than you. You will help the marketing team target the audiences, you will help them understand the pulse of the consumer base. You would think all of this culminates at the launch but it does not work like that.

Once the product is launched you need to take the data in and measure its success, analyze the gap, absorb the customer feedback and map out the product update with improvements.

What does the day look like for a product manager?

It is hard to fit product management into a box with fixed dimensions. It varies a lot based on the business, the industry, and the team. Nevertheless, with day-to-day experiences, some assumptions and some educated guesses, we can map out a typical day in a product manager’s life while working on a certain product.

Your day starts with back-to-back stand-up calls with the cross functional teams where you make sure that the progress is aligned with the goal. Then you spend some time analyzing competitors, drawing out important metrics, and carving out a product placement strategy.

Then, you talk to the marketing team giving them a heads up on the probable launch date, and participate in strategizing the immediate marketing campaigns – help them understand the product better.

Later in the day, you check in on the developers to ensure you are on schedule, touch up the design to make it just perfect and maybe you end your day by discussing the customer experience process to ensure that customer satisfaction.

All the teams you work with know that they can rely upon you to find a solution whenever they hit a roadblock. With the right product management courses in India, you can learn how to take on these responsibilities with minimum stress and maximum efficiency.

Product Management in a nutshell

  • Understand the customer
  • Design the journeys of various user personas
  • Perform research and analysis
  • Bring everyone on the same page
  • Master the tools and communication strategies to manage the workflow
  • Establish clear objectives and map out the path
  • Manage time

A product manager acts like the anchor that brings together the different contributors to a product spread across departments and keeps them focused on the right product while optimizing the processes for efficiency. Certain aspects of product management have to be mastered through experience, for the rest you need the best product manager courses to give a structure to all your experiences.

Why Product Management?

Products are built faster today than ever. There is a lot of pressure to incorporate customer feedback in updates, ensure sustainability, maintain profitability, and manage time. Take the software industry, for instance. With DevOps environments and agile workload distribution, applications are built and deployed at a ferocious speed. But who ensures that the product being developed is actually wanted? There has to be a method of bringing different components of product development together in a frictionless way while making the most of everyone’s time. One needs to observe, adapt, and improve continuously.

Every product company needs someone to

  • Keep product developers locked on the target
  • Understand the market and the customer intimately
  • Ensure that the product is solving a problem or catering to a need
  • Create a design that sells
  • Align the product with the business goals
  • Create a go-to marketing strategy

That is where learning product management comes in. Pursuing well-curated Product Management courses is the best way to prepare for the role so that the challenges don’t throw you out off balance. The best way to learn is by doing it under the guidance of practitioners.

How popular is Product Management as a career in India?

As of September 2022, Product Management is among the most sought-after career paths in India, coveted especially by professionals with 7-15 years under their belts.

Currently, there are approximately 20,000 vacancies in India for Product Managers with the right set of skills. The right set of skills is the keyword here.

On average, Product Managers draw a 246% higher salary than the Indian average. However, the role has its demands. It evolves just as fast as technology. It keeps you on your toes. It’s a fast-moving role that connects you with the pulse of an organization. With the speed and excitement involved in product development, truly, this is the perfect time to learn product management.

Product Manager Courses and Certifications for You

The Institute of Product Leadership brings a school of product management programs that are meticulously designed to make you industry ready. Choose the right product manager course and, learn by doing, and achieve your goals as a product leader.

Executive MBA in Product Leadership

It is an 18-months UGC accredited degree program designed for working professionals with 5+ years of experience. This product management course in Bangalore gives you the opportunity to learn from global practitioners through experiential pedagogies. Work on 25+ industry projects, gain practical experience through applied learning in sand-box environments and get dedicated career assistance. You can have a 6X career impact with an accelerated return on investment. Know More

International Certificate in Product Management

In this 5-months off campus program, you absorb 15+ case studies on your way to mastering crucial product management skills. You get the best out of the industry experts through 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions. And instead of exams, you have skillathons. Know More

PG Program in Product Management

It is an 11-month off campus product management course with placement assistance designed for working professionals with 5+ years of experience. This online course, much like the other courses we offer, focuses on experiential learning. You can have an accelerated career impact learning from practitioners, through 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring sessions. Know More

Certified Associate Product Manager

This is a product management program for early level professionals designed to help you get the right foot in as a product manager. It’s a 3-month course with 9+ case studies and assignments, mock interviews with product experts, mentorship, and career assistance. Know More

Product Management Professional Workshop

This 6-day professional workshop is the perfect way for you to gear up for the longer journey of mastering product management. The workshops are run by successful product experts from Silicon Valley followed by mentoring sessions.

Founded in 2012, the Institute of Product Leadership is India’s first B-School for technology managers, focusing exclusively on Product Leadership with the aim of transforming technology executives into future product managers and industry leaders. Product Management has many definitions but most experts will agree that it is essentially the art and science of delivering delighting solutions to real market problems and doing so rather predictably.