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ipl school of data science

November 27, 2022

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Post Graduate Program in

Data Science and Business Analytics

Become a Data Driven Leader

Stay on the right side of data-driven disruption.


Cohorts from &

Hiring Organizations

7 Months | 7 Courses

Industry Practitioner Led Weekly Live Session
Individual Course Completion Certificate

Learning by Doing

Real Industry Projects
HBR Case Studies

Unlimited Labs

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring
Monthly Skillathons

Career Assistance

Career Labs
Hiring Talentathons

What's The Big Deal?

Go beyond Online Digital Learning to Experiential Learning. Learn the art of data visualization & storytelling. Understand various data science & business analytics techniques to drive your business growth through a data-driven approach, even without having a prior coding experience.

Not a Cohort of 100

with 1:1 personalized executive coaching

Practitioners as Coaches

bringing real-world board room context to the classroom

One Month, One Skill

Real-time skill building with best practices frameworks, problem solving assignments & 1:1 mentoring sessions.

New Age Curriculum

with focus on "Experiential Learning"

Skill Hackathons for Exams

real-time feedback from hiring leaders

Learning by "Doing"

Practice & implement new-age skills by working on real-time industry problems through comprehensive frameworks.

Program Overview

Industry recognised certification in Data Science and Business Analytics

Learn from top-tier global data science industry practitioners through live sessions, case studies and real-time projects using multiple industry-relevant tools. This is more than just a data science certification, it focuses on data-driven leadership, broadening your perspectives into strategy and decision-making roles, and helping you build a strong network of data and thought leaders.


7 Months | 7 Courses | 7 Capstone Industry Projects

hands on learning

Learning By Doing Pedagogy: Work On Real-World Industry Challenges, and Present Solutions To Hiring Managers


Unlimited 1:1 Mentorship with Career Coaches & Faculties

build your idea

Cutting Edge Curriculum In partnership with EDISON - Data Science Framework of the European Union

Team Building

Faculty-led Live Interactive Online Sessions

International Certificate

150+ Hours Of Learning,
15+ Assignments & HBS Case Studies


Diverse Cohort To Ensure Maximum Peer-to-Peer Learning & Networking


Alumni Status With Lifetime Access To Career Assistance & Hiring Events

Free Access To LinkedIn Learning

Financial Assistance Through Scholarships & No-cost EMIs


Multiple Case Studies and Assignments |
7 Capstone Industry Projects

Team Building

Weekly Faculty Sessions - Live Online

hands on learning

Learning Library with Toolkits, Frameworks
& Templates

build your idea

Focused New Age Curriculum


Unlimited 1:1 Mentorship with Mentors
& Faculty


Career Assistance & Hiring Talentathons


Networking Opportunities on Campus and Off Campus

Career Labs - Career Coaching & Mentoring, Portfolio Building, Interview Preparation

Top Skills You Will Learn

Business Problem Framing, Insight mining, Business Inferencing using statistical techniques, Business Analytics, Exploratory Data Analytics and Feature Engineering, Prescriptive & Predictive Analytics, Data Analytics with Python, Data Visualization and Storytelling.

Who Is This Program for?

Domain Experts, Engineers, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Software and IT Professionals, Project Managers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Finance Professionals

Minimum Eligibility

■ The applicant should have at least 5 year of work experience in a technical or business-related space and an undergraduate degree.
■ Prior knowledge of programming is not mandatory but preferred.

Job Opportunities

Data Analyst, Data Science Manager, Entry-level Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Data Product Manager, Marketing Analyst, Quality Analyst, Insight Manager.

Tools Covered


Do you have the skills to crack a Data Science Interview?

One Program, Ten Outcomes

Data science is a multidisciplinary field of study. Hence, a good data science course prepares you for divergent niches. Explore the possibilities you can unlock with the best data science courses in India.

#1Data-led decisions
Read More
Provide a data-driven viewpoint on strategic decisions by applying business analytics & data analytics to real-world situations
#2Data Vizualization & Storytelling
Read More
Influence others with storytelling using data and insights
#3Business Problem Framing
Read More
Identify, define and formulate hypotheses for key business questions that require analytics, data science to solve
#4Discover Opportunities
Read More
Use data exploration techniques to discover new questions or opportunities within your problem area
#5Actionable Insights
Read More
Find and analyze the patterns in business data to infer insights that influence product and service improvements
#6Models Evaluation
Read More
Evaluate, and tune machine learning models
#7Forecast Outcomes
Read More
Apply statistical analysis and technologies to identify trends and forecast business outcomes
#8Cost/Benefit Tradeoffs
Read More
Make cost-effective decisions with cost-benefit analysis through business analytics
#9Persuasive Business Case
Read More
Use data & metrics to create an irresistible quality approval case for your projects, initiatives
#10Accelerate Career
Read More
Move faster and higher to decision making roles by differentiating yourself with data & business analytics skills

Why PGPDSBA? The Data Science and Business Analytics Course Advantage

If you are looking to build demonstrable skills, work on real-world challenges, make data-driven decisions, and build your brand by pursuing a Data Science certification, this may be the right program for you. We also understand that as a working professional, you may need strong hand-holding with dedicated support. Your learning experience manager will be there for you at every step to guide you in your learning journey.

Career Acceleration

Mastering demonstrable skills are not enough by itself for a successful career transition. You need to learn how the industry works, build a portfolio that gets you through the door, and effectively plan for your next career move. The data science course at IPL extends beyond the curriculum and supports you in all of these aspects.

Unlimited Career Support

Access to multiple
job openings


Personalized Resume & LinkedIn review

Career Coaching & Mentoring

Guidance from Industry Practitioners


Career Planning & Mock Interviews

Data Science and Business Analytics Course Curriculum

Data Science and Business Analytics Courses created and curated by industry CXOs with case studies, simulations, real-life projects, assignments and personalized coaching. The courses included in IPL’s data science certification program prepare you for diverse industry needs and focuses on building data-driven leadership qualities.


Course 1: BAN401F – Business Problem Framing

This course will help you to understand various problem-solving methods to find the most efficient solution to a business problem in a structured, understandable, and collaborative way.

  • Problem Formulation
  • Business Problem As A Data Science Problem
  • Sourcing And Collecting Data

Course 2: DSC401F – Data Analytics Foundations

The importance of statistics in data science and data analytics cannot be underestimated. This course provides tools and structured methods to get deeper data insights.

  • Introduction To Linear Algebra
  • Introduction To Statistics
  • Data Description
  • Introduction To Probability
  • Sampling Distributions
  • Chi Square Tests And Dependency Checking
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Excel For Data Analytics
  • Tables For Automating Data Manipulation
  • Logical And Lookup Functions

Course 3: DSC403F – SQL for Data Analytics

SQL for Data Analytics is very simple but powerful query-based language that will help you to handle databases and interact with data with ease.

  • Introduction To MySQL
  • Tables & Queries
    • How To Create Tables 101
    • How To Create A Basic Query
    • Advanced Queries
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Analytics

Course 4: DSC404F – Python for Data Science

From applications in data science and software engineering to the AI and ML environments, learn python for data science and understand its strategic importance for decision-making.

  • Why Python For Data Science And Python Basics
  • Python – Non Sequential, Functions & Classes
  • Class, Numpy And Matplotlib

Course 5: DSC405F – Data Science Foundations

Understand the fundamental statistical methods, lifecycles to learn data science concepts and solve real-time problems in a more efficient manner.

  • Introduction To Data Science
  • Landscape Of Data Science and Analytics
  • Introduction To Machine Learning
  • Platforms and Programming Languages For The Following
  • Understanding and Analyzing Data
  • Buzzwords In Data Science
  • Steps Of Data Exploration and Preparation
  • Feature Engineering and Vectorization

Course 6: DSC406F – Data Science Techniques

This course will help you understand how to extract knowledge from large amounts of data through Machine Learning to help you make better
data-driven decisions.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Decision Trees
  • Linear Regression
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning

Course 7: BAN402F – Data Storytelling and Visualization

Every data point tells a story. Learn the art of storytelling and narrate an engaging data story. Learn how to visualize data using tools and communicate effectively through analysis and facts.

  • Data Visualization
  • Storytelling with Data

Typical Learning Path for each course

Weekly Live Online Sessions
Plus Curated Video Lessons
Self & Group Submissions
Capstone Project
Live Presentations with Jury
Course Certificate
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Curriculum Partner

Data Science Framework of
European Union

Faculties & Mentors

Learn from India’s leading Data Practitioners.

Mani Kanteswara Rao Garlapati
Associate Principal (Data Science), Google
Manjunath Subramanian
Manjunath Subramanian
Senior Principal Product Manager,
Oracle India

Varadarajan SV
Vice President – Data Analytics,

Saurav Chakravorty
Director – Data Science,

SaiSatish Vedam
Ex-Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

Chief Executive Officer
Native AI

Rishiraj Dasgupta
Consultant and Professional

Anshuk Pal Chaudhri
Data Scientist,
Oracle India Pvt. Ltd

Pradeepta Mishra
Head of AI,

Krishna Raha
Senior Manager Sales Reporting & Analytics, PepsiCo

Manjunatha Gummaraju
Mentor - Data Science,

+ 50
other Skill Mentors

Industry Projects and Case Studies

Learn through real-life projects and assignments across industries

Price Match

Click to View Detail

Song Popularity Challenge

Click to View Detail

Cab Aggregator - Supply Demand Gap

Click to View Detail

Predicting Used Car Prices

Click to View Detail

Cab Traffic Data Visualization

Click to View Detail

Taxi Cab Fare Prediction

Click to View Detail

Stay Listing Price Prediction Challenge

Click to View Detail

Stay Listing New User Bookings

Click to View Detail

Email Sentiment Analysis

Click to View Detail

Customer Segmentation & Churn Model for Telecom

Click to View Detail

& Many more including Harvard Business Review case studies

Cohort Profile

With a diverse cohort, learning becomes interesting and networking becomes impactful.

The data science course at IPL ensures that you maximize your learning opportunities through a diverse cohort with learners as Domain Experts, Engineers, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Software and IT Professionals, Project Managers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Finance Professionals, Senior Decision Makers, and many other different walks of life.

Boston Consulting Group
Boston Consulting Group

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Corporate Partners



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Program Fees

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$ 1299
(Includes $450 admissions fees)
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No Cost EMI Plan

7 Months & 12 Months EMI options are available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Data analytics can be looked at as a subset of data science. Both the disciplines work in tandem to make sense of data. A data science professional builds models and finds out strategies to extract insights from data. An analyst is tasked with using analytical models to identify patterns in data. A data science certification program can help you take either way based on your specialization.

Big data defines the tools and the practices applied to collect, store, and manage large amounts of data as well as a large amount of data itself. Big data is useful because there is data science, and data science is applicable because of big data.

Mathematics is one of the key disciplines that make data science. As a data professional, you will be dealing with statistical models, and linear programming, hence mathematical knowledge is a pre-requisite. If you did not have maths during your academic years, or if you have lost the touch, there are training programs that can help you bridge the gap before you enroll in a data science course.

Mathematics is one of the key disciplines that make data science. As a data professional, you will be dealing with statistical models, and linear programming, hence mathematical knowledge is a pre-requisite. If you did not have maths during your academic years, or if you have lost the touch, there are training programs that can help you bridge the gap before you enroll in a data science course.

As a data science professional, you will be working with people as part of a team. It is very important to communicate effectively, build storytelling skills, and develop organizational habits. As a working professional, you must have developed these qualities over the years. During the data science course, you will have an opportunity to perfect these skills while working on projects.

There is no age limit when it comes to joining a data science certification course.

Data science combines mathematics, statistics, and computer science hence coming from a STEM background carries a heavy advantage. But if you are from a background like economics, or business, you can possibly take up a data science course. Yes, it will take extra effort on your part.

Predictive analytics is the study of data patterns to predict an outcome. It involves correlating multiple multiple data points to find insights. This can be used in a lot of different situations from disaster aversion to product pricing.

Yes, you can learn data science on your own with the help of free resources and even get deep into machine learning without undergoing a data science certification course. However, there are two issues – one, you need to spend a lot of time looking for resources that will be useful, and two, you will find it difficult to get your foot into a big company without a certification.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary approach to extract meaningful insights from data by collecting, cleaning, studying, and analyzing it. It combines principles of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering to locate patterns in data that lead to predictions and aid decision making.

Why should you pursue a data science course?

Data is the most important component in any business strategy. depending on data and its successful analysis, businesses can

  • Enhance their day-to-day processes for more efficiency
  • Target customers better
  • Generate better ROI on marketing spend
  • Avoid unprecedented manufacturing defects, and a lot more.

With a masters in data science, you will learn to use data science effectively in a business context, and manage and manipulate its impact for the best results.

It has been more than a decade since data science left the academic closet and entered the real world. While in theory, it can bring outstanding positive impact to a business, its practical application and success are still quite unwarranted. 

Analytical ventures fail just as often as they succeed. But this is a risk every business has to take lest they fall behind. The demand for data science skills has been rising consistently, and a data science certification gives you great leverage. 

Why PG in Data science from IPL?

As a domain expert, sales manager, product manager, or business analyst, you already have solid business acumen. Your existing skills combined with IPL’s data science training turn you into an asset that businesses will find hard to lose and extremely difficult to refuse.

The data science certification program at the Institute of Product Leadership includes 7 courses that take 7 months to complete. These courses are designed for working professionals with 5+ years of experience. This data science course is ideal for you if you want to make the transition into a career in data-driven leadership. It also opens up a myriad of possible career paths that are happening, and industry relevant.

Every professional walk is getting augmented by artificial intelligence, and the disruption caused by it is touching every level from developers to product managers. A masters in data science course at this juncture can help you stay on the right side of disruption.   

Career opportunities after completing a data science course

Data science is a multidisciplinary field that forks out into a number of different directions. Getting a data science certification or undergoing a data science online course does not necessarily translate into a career as a data scientist – it is one possibility among many. You can build a career as

  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Science Manager 
  • Entry-level Data Scientist 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Data Product Manager 
  • Marketing Analyst Quality Analyst
  • Insight Manager

Enrolling in our data science course with placement support and career assistance will help you find out the best way forward for yourself.

Applications of data science in various industries

The following are a few industries that put a lot of stress on data-driven process enhancement and business development. This is just to give you a glimpse of the diverse scope of the discipline and it is not nearly all-inclusive.

The Tech Giants - FAANG

The big five of the technology industry, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, all spend extensively on data science and depend on data-driven insights to enhance customer experience, engagement, retention, and overall ROI. For instance, Netflix makes predictive data analytics to curate the movie and shows suggestions for your taste. How do you think Amazon comes up with the on-point additional product suggestions based on what you are buying? Similarly, Google does a stellar job at processing data to help you find what you are looking for faster.

The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector contributes 30% of the world’s data volume. It produces data at every level – from clinical trials to insurance data. There is still a lot of gaps in terms of data utilization when it comes to the healthcare sector. It is definitely an area that will have maximum traction for data-driven managers in the coming days.

Finance and Banking

The banking sector was among the first to employ data science extensively. It was primarily to identify potential loan defaulters. It is still among the industries that hires the highest number of data analysts.

The Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry makes a profit of $3 billion daily – a little breakdown here and an error there can cost millions of dollars. Data science is applied heavily by oil and gas companies to enhance processes, identify machinery that could malfunction in the future, and design efficient route maps, among other things.

Cyber Security

The hackers are getting better by the day. They have powerful scanners, large forums, and a lot of resources to draw from. Applied data science can go a long way in terms of predicting attacks, prescribing solutions, and recommending defensive measures.

Manufacturing and Retail

The issue of process enhancement comes back like a refrain. You cannot put enough stress on the importance of the small things – the location of a factory, the equipment you buy, the people you hire, the stores you invest in, everything can be optimized with the help of data.

Data is a key strategic element irrespective of the industries. It’s hard to identify any industry that does not apply data science. A PG in Data Science exposes you to potentially limitless opportunities.

Still thinking? If this is right for you

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