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Become a Full-Stack Product Manager.
Now with Generative AI.

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5 months of live online product management certification program tailored for professionals who aspire to become a full stack product manager. Build skills in product discovery, product design, agile development, product marketing, data-driven decisions and applying Generative AI in product management scenarios.

5 Months | 5 Courses

Weekly Faculty Sessions
Lifetime Alumni Status with Continuous Learning

Career Assistance

Career Workshops
Interview Preparation
Campus Placement

Next Cohort Starts

July 20, 2024

Next Cohort Starts

Seats filling fast!

Application closes in:


Unlimited 1:1 Coaching

with Skill & Career Coaches

5 Months | 5 Courses

Weekly Faculty Sessions
Lifetime Alumni Status with Continuous Learning

Career Assistance

Career Workshops
Interview Preparation
Campus Placement

July 20, 2024

Next Cohort Starts

Seats filling fast!

Application closes in:


Unlimited 1:1 Coaching

with Skill & Career Coaches

What's The Big Deal?

Go beyond online digital learning to Learning by Doing with weekly practitioner faculty sessions and monthly capstone projects focused on building skills. Learn full stack product management in 20 weeks.  The International Certificate in Product Management program is focused on career transition with a curated curriculum focused on the latest industry hiring trends. Dedicated Career Assistance Platform to host hiring events through Talentathon with the hiring managers.

Not a Cohort of 100

With 1:1 personalized executive coaching.

Practitioners as Coaches

Bringing real-world board room context to the classroom.

One Month, One Skill

Real-time skill building with best practices frameworks, problem-solving assignments, and 1:1 mentoring sessions.

New Age Curriculum

Now with Generative AI in practical product management scenarios.

Exams replaced by Skillathons

Real-time feedback from hiring leaders.

Learning by "Doing"

Practice and implement new-age skills through comprehensive frameworks and skill hackathons by working on real-time industry problems and simulations.

Program Overview

Key Highlights

hands on learning

150+ Hours of Learning


15+ Case Studies and Assignments

build your idea

Profile building sessions from L&D leaders


Mock Interviews with Product Experts


Personalized Mentorship from Product Experts

International Certificate

Certificate from the University of Houston


Exclusive career management cell

Team Building

Monthly Lab Sessions

Conflict resolution

Access to study material post course.


Faculty Led Weekly Live Sessions & 5 Skillathons

"Having hired from the Institute, I can say this with confidence that its the best place to access industry-ready product leaders. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to hire product leaders."
Lokesh Tripathi
Sr. Group Product Manager, Intuit
Having hired from the Institute, I can say this with confidence that its the best place to access industry ready product leaders . Highly recommended for anyone who wants to hire product leaders
Lokesh Tripathi
Sr. Group Product Manager, Intuit

Top Skills You Will Learn

In this online Product Management Certificate, you will learn User Research, Prototyping, UI & UX Design, Design Thinking, User Story mapping, GTM Strategy, Digital Marketing, Sales Enablement, Business modeling, Value Proposition Design, Product Planning, Prioritization, Roadmapping, Market Sizing, Marketing & Launch Planning, Budgeting, Generative AI Prompt Crafting

Who Is This Product Management Certification Online for?

Project Managers, Program Managers, Q/A Managers,  Managers, Solutions Architect, Software Developers, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, UI-UX designers, Business Analysts, Consultants, Entrepreneurs.

Job Opportunities

By signing up for this Product Management Certificate program you can work as a Product Analyst, Associate Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Product Designer, Product Owners, Technical Product Manager, Senior Product Managers

Minimum Eligibility

The applicant should have at least 1 year of work experience in a technical or business related space with a strong passion to move into a Product Management roles for this Product Management Certificate Program.

Why ICPM? - The Product Management Certificate Advantage

Pursuing a product management certification course helps you build the skills required to lead the processes involved in product management, product development, product marketing, UX design and Lean Entrepreneurship. Moreover, it enhances your credibility as a product manager. We’ve summarized the advantages of getting the International Certificate in Product Management in the following section.

Tools Covered

Product Management Certification Program

Product management Certification issued by the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston and Institute of Product Leadership.

Bauer College’s Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship ranked No. 2 in U.S. on the Top 25 Best Undergrad Programs for Entrepreneurs in 2019. (Top 10 since 2007; No. 1 in 2008, 2010 and 2011)

Course audited and approved by the Bauer College.

Product Management Certificate Program

Get an Industry accepted Certification from IPL that enhances your professional equity and bolsters your career profile. It provides learners with instant recognition among business peers while establishing their skill credentials as hands-on practitioners.

One Program, Ten Outcomes

#1Customer Insights
Read More
Develop strong customer insights & identify customer needs, wants & desires using Design Thinking & Market Research frameworks.
#2Manage Digital Products
Read More
Manage, launch & Monetize Digital & SaaS Products with strong metrics driven lifecycle management from acquisition to retention.
#3UX & Prototyping
Read More
Ability to build a visual prototype to communicate product features & ideas internally and externally with customers
#4Agile Roadmapping
Read More
Ability to prioritize requirements to executable release, guide product development lifecycle through Agile and build market validated roadmaps.
#5Master Metrics that Matter
Read More
Understand the various metrics in customer acquisition, retention, revenue. Define relevant north star metric for a product based on the product life-cycle
Read More
Apply data driven prioritization techniques to maintain stakeholder alignment via product backlogs and enhance customer focused value creation
#7Growth Techniques
Read More
Learn growth techniques for customer acquisition by developing a digital marketing plan leveraging social media tools & techniques
Read More
Define & Execute GTM strategy by defining personas, positioning, marketing campaigns and sales channels.
#9Lean Development
Read More
Learn the practice of experimentation, hypothesis-driven development, data & metrics informed decision making in building B2B & B2C products & services
#10Product Analytics
Read More
Master Product Analytics to track and measure user behavior, product health and usage issues to make informed decisions in continuous product improvements
Its very simple - those with actionable skills will get promoted faster. End to End Understanding of the business context, customer context and innovation context is key for decision making senior roles.
Amit Phadnis
Chief Digital Officer, GE Healthcare


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

Core Courses

Course 1: MGMT401F
Product Management Fundamentals

■ Role of a Product Manager
■ PM Career paths
■ Hard & Soft skill for product Manager
■ Product Mindset and the Product Life Cycle
■ Productizing process

■ Creating value for customers
■ Elements of value
■ Understanding customer problem with empathy
■ Mapping personas by understanding customer pain points

■ Performing Market Research
■ Market Research Techniques

■ Building blocks for business model
■ Business model patterns
■ Customer centric – Business Model Design

■ Jobs to be done(JTBD) framework
■ Customer pains and gains
■ Understanding problem & solution
■ Achieving fit between value proposition & customer profile
■ Embedding value proposition into business models

■ Defining MVP
■ Building MVP
■ Purpose & Benefits of MVP
■ Problem solution fit
■ Product market fit
■ Business model fit

Course 2: DSN402F
Product Design

■ What is design thinking
■ Design thinking for Product managers
■ Design thinking approach
■ Key tenets of design thinking

■ What is a wireframe
■ What is the difference between wireframe and a prototype
■ Low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes
■ Paper prototyping
■ Digital prototyping

■ How to build a better understanding of user with designers
■ How to negotiate timelines with designers
■ How to motivate & engage designers
■ How to critique & give feedback on design

■ Frameworks for designing AI products
■ Framework for designing immersive technology products

■ Presenting ideas and concepts at all stages of the prototype
■ Adapting presentation for different types of audiences
■ Telling stories which your audience wants
■ Using imagery and visualization to communicate your ideas
■ Using storyboards to communicate your ideas effectively

Course 3: APM401F
Agile Product Management

■ Digital B2C & SaaS B2B Products
■ Developing an Agile Mindset
■ How will AGILE help you deliver more successful products
■ Economic benefits of Agile
■ Understand the purpose of a workflow management tool
■ How to utilize it as a product manager

■ Components of product development strategy
■ Agile cyclical iteration workflow
■ Feature driven development

■ Types of product roadmaps
■ Building a product roadmap
■ Planning sprints
■ Working with agile team members

■ Prioritisation framework
■ Defining objectives and key results
■ Goal oriented prioritisation
■ Product backlog prioritisation

■ Using various frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, scaled agile framework (safe)

Course 4: PM401F

■ Marketing plan
■ Market sizing
■ Segmentation & Targeting

■ Understanding the competition
■ Formulating a positioning strategy
■ Collaborating with marketing team to develop a marketing messaging

■ Channel acquisition strategy
■ Channel Partner strategy

■ Developing growth Marketing strategies
■ Product Growth strategies
■ Audience and Channels for growth

■ Demand generation
■ Lead generation
■ Customer acquisition through digital marketing

Course 5: DPM401F
Data Driven Products

■ Understanding Hypothesis driven product development
■ Using hypothesis driven development
■ How to establish strategic goals
■ Key metrics involved
■ Linking the key metrics with your strategic goals
■ Choosing efforts which make the most impact
■ What is Product Analytics
■ Product Analytics importance
■ Product Analytics stakeholders
■ Product Analytics for Product Managers
■ Using Product Analytics platform
■ Aligning product metrics to the goals
■ Identifying the key metrics
■ Identifying the Northstar Metric
■ GAME framework
■ Why SaaS businesses are opting to be product-led
■ The Two Main Benefits of Product-Led Growth
■ The Three Elements You Need To Master Product-Led Growth
■ Minimizing Friction
■ Driving Demand
■ Sales and Marketing

Typical Learning Path for each course

Weekly Faculty Sessions
Plus Curated Video Lessons
Self & Group Submissions
Capstone Project
Live Presentations with Jury
Course Certificate

28 Average Days to complete each course

Elective Courses (Optional)

You can choose one or more additional courses based on your interest. An additional charge is applicable for add on courses.

FIN401F - Financial Acumen

■ Revenue Recognition & Cash Flow Basics
■ Building & P&L Management for Cloud / SaaS business
■ Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Capital Rationing & Payback

■ Preparing a Financial Plan
■ Forecasting Future cash flows and Financial Modelling

■ Revenue Models & Pricing
■ Cost & Profitability Metrics and Ratios

LEN401F - Lean Entrepreneurship

■ Ideation and Developing the opportunity
■ Customer Insighting, Problem Discovery

■ Testing business ideas
■ Hypothesis Design & Experimentation
■ Building MVPs

■ Growth and Scaling Strategies
■ Financing and Profitability
■ Identifying Stakeholders and gathering support
■ Business case & Revenue Modeling

Preparing you for Global Certifications

  • Business Finance
  • Product Finance
  • Financial Planning and Control
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship &New Venture Creation
  • Lean Methodology
  • Customer Development Model
  • Strategic Frameworks & Digital Transformation Models
  • Product Strategy and Portfolio Management
  • Vision Roadmapping, KPIs & Metrics
  • Competitive Advantage & Opportunity Analysis
  • Developing a Digital Business Strategy
  • Art of Storytelling
  • Executive Presence
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Leading Self
  • Leading Change
  • Leading Teams
  • Business Analytics for decision makers
  • Data Visualization

Preparing you for Global Certifications

Unlock your Generative AI Co-Strategist

Use Generative AI as a creator, assistant, a co-strategist and a thought partner to do research, gut-check big decisions and play devil's advocate on your strategy.

Faculties & Mentors

Learn from India’s leading Product Practitioners.

Greg Cohen
Greg Cohen
Agile Excellence LLC
Amit Acharya, Director of Product, NCR Corporation
Amit Acharya
Director of Product,
NCR Corporation
Subodh Kar, General Manager - Product Management, Schneider Electric
Subodh Kar
General Manager - Product Management
Schneider Electric
Muthuraj Thangavel, Senior Product Manager, Google
Muthuraj Thangavel
Senior Product Manager,
Shriraj Nagarhalli, Client Engagement Director, Wipro
Shriraj Nagarhalli
Client Engagement Director,
Sathyanarayana, AVP - Growth and Marketing, Xoxoday
AVP - Growth and Marketing,
Merlyn Jyothi, Principal Product Manager, Oracle
Merlyn Jyothi
Principal Product Manager,
Saibal Datta
Saibal Datta
Founder & Chief Designer - UX/UI, GDD - a product design studio
Anina Lambrechts, Designer & Founder, Ten Slash One
Anina Lambrechts
Designer & Founder,
Ten Slash One
Ayush Jain, Senior Product Manager, Games24x7
Ayush Jain
Senior Product Manager,

Our Alumni Speak

Video Testimonials

Because learning has to be ROI driven especially for professionals for whom time is more important than money!

Industry Projects and Assignments

Learn through real-life projects and cross industry assignments

Examples of “Bring Your Own Product Idea”

Career Impact

At the Institute of Product Leadership, the focus is on empowering individuals and fostering career development. The Career Assistance Platform (CAP) serves as a comprehensive resource, offering support to professionals in shaping and building successful careers.

CAP helps our students identify their skill strengths and weaknesses based on their career goals and assists them in addressing blind spots to achieve them through personalised 1:1 career coaching, resume and personal brand building activities, mock interviews with hiring managers, and placement drives.

Every month, an average of 8 companies visit the campus to hire IPL students.

Average Salary Hike
1 %
Career Transitions
1 +
Corporate Partners
1 +
Highest Salary
1 L

To view more details, download the career transition report

What learner say about ICPM Program

Kartik Dasani

After a lot of research, I landed on the Product Management Certificate Program (ICPM) by IPL for helping me transition to a product role and I was not disappointed. The coursework and assignments were designed to fortify the knowledge gained from the recorded sessions and the live sessions proved invaluable in terms of getting my questions answered and understanding key topics. The alumni network is the icing on the cake and has been instrumental in my success.

Amit Shah

I did the ICPM certification from the Institute. The ‘Learning by Doing’ pedagogy at IPL where in I had to assignments, projects, skillathons on various topics of the course; guidance from industry practitioners ; the one-on-one mentoring sessions; the vast reference learning material and the superb administration by our facilitator Ms. Sonali made doing this course enjoyable and worthwhile for me. I would highly recommend the institute to anyone wanting to acquire skills in the product management field.

Zabi Ulla

IPL provides a relevant Product Management Certification program curriculum with avant-garde teaching methods to impart top-quality knowledge and skills needed to become a successful Product Manager. The continuous learning environment allowed me to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition and fast-track my career. My product management journey with IPL has been the most beneficial and insightful learning experience.

Aditya Karnik

I’m grateful for IPL’s star mentorship because it equipped me with crucial product management skills. IPL mentors have years of experience and professional skills that range from all niches of industries. Everything I achieved is due to the consistency and unconditional support of my IPL mentors. They put me on the right path to attain my career goals by helping me recognize my strengths and weaknesses.

Aravind K Sastry

The Product Management Program (ICPM) offered by IPL is hands down the best career decision I’ve made. In my opinion, the most attractive feature of this course was that it gave me the flexibility to finish the course at my convenience. IPL has a contemporary learning approach that helped me identify the skills I lack and aided me in gaining mastery over them. It encouraged me to break the glass ceiling, and I’m eternally grateful for the engaging learning experience.

Sai Kiran

Several business analysts lack the knowledge of smoothly transitioning into product management. IPL understands this shortage and designed their Product Management Certificate Course (ICPM) offered me in-depth knowledge of the transition process. It provided me with opportunities to attain essential abilities I lacked. I’m thankful for IPL to guide me through this journey and help me harness my potential to build a brand for myself and fulfill my career-oriented objectives.

Anurag Chanchal

The key distinguishing factor of the international certificate in product management (ICPM) is that it emphasizes implementing the skills and knowledge learned during the program in the real world. It helped me get a better grip on my job and become much more efficient at it. The course helped me build a mindset of a product leader. I understood the what and why before focusing on the how of product management.

Veeraraghavan Iyer

It is impressive that IPL managed to adapt to the current pandemic situation by maintaining a consistent channel to continue teaching and helping product managers like me grow. IPL has an institution, and its mentors are incredibly professional, experienced, and supportive. I was able to seamlessly complete the course during a pandemic, and I’m appreciative of the hard work of my mentors for that.


Sangeeta Kataria

Product Management Certificate Course (ICPM) is a well-designed program with the flexibility to complete your learning and apply it in assignments. We have lab sessions with live sessions where the students present their idea to the mentors. This program provides you with overall grooming and education to transition into an effective product leader!

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Features / Benefits


$ 1999

(Includes US $450 admissions fees)
  • With a milestone based learning unlock the course today!
Filling Fast

No Cost EMI Plan

Below EMI Plan is available for the Program Fee: INR 1,65,000

Full Fee with GST
Tenure (months)
INR 1,65,000
INR 13,750

Note: INR 19,591 (1st Month EMI + Processing fee) as a Down Payment has to be paid before the program begins.

Join our successful alumni now working at

Features / Benefits

Upfront Payment

₹109000 99000
+ GST (Includes ₹30,000 Admission Fee)
  • With a milestone based learning unlock the course today!

0% EMI

(Admission Fee)
+ 10 Monthly Payments of ₹9862/mo
  • Start learning today! with a Pay as you go model

Program Fees

$ 1999
(Includes US $450 admissions fees)
  • With a milestone based learning unlock the course today!
Filling Fast

No Cost EMI Plan

Below EMI Plan is available for the Program Fee: INR 1,65,000

Full Fee with GST
Tenure (months)
INR 1,65,000
INR 13,750

Note: INR 19,591 (1st Month EMI + Processing fee) as a Down Payment has to be paid before the program begins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The International Certification in Product Management program is a comprehensive 5-month certification program. Each month, you will learn one major skill in product management, along with a capstone project. During this program, You will work on five capstone projects, where you will solve real-time problems faced by companies.

The program offers learning by doing through weekly practitioner faculty sessions and monthly capstone projects. It also provides additional masterclass sessions with industry professionals, career assistance, 1:1 coaching, interview preparation, mock interviews, campus placement, a comprehensive curriculum, certificate from the Institute of Product Leadership, and alumni status.

The Product Management Certification program offered by the Institute of Product Leadership is a comprehensive training program designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of aspiring and current product managers. It provides a structured curriculum that covers various aspects of product management, including product management fundamentals, product design, agile development, product marketing, and data-driven product management.

Obtaining a Product Management Certification offers several benefits, including:

Enhanced skills and knowledge: The certification program equips product managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and make informed decisions.

Career advancement: Certification enhances your credibility and demonstrates your commitment to the field, increasing your chances of career growth and opportunities.

Networking opportunities: The program provides a platform to connect with other product management professionals, creating opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Industry recognition: A Product Management Certification from the Institute of Product Leadership is well-recognized within the industry and can enhance your professional reputation.

Access to resources: Certified product managers gain access to a wealth of resources, including tools, templates, and case studies, to support their ongoing professional development.

The Product Management Certification program is suitable for individuals who are already working as product managers or professionals looking to transition into product management roles. It is also beneficial for entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals involved in product development or strategy.

The Product Management Certification program is delivered through weekly live Zoom sessions with practitioner faculty. It includes interactive lectures, case studies, group exercises, and real-world projects, providing a comprehensive learning experience. The program may also offer networking opportunities and access to industry experts.

While specific prerequisites may vary, the Product Management Certification program generally requires participants to have some prior experience or knowledge in product management or a related field. It is recommended for individuals with a background in business, marketing, engineering, or technology. However, the exact prerequisites can be found on the program’s webpage or by contacting the institute directly.

Yes, the Product Management Certification program typically includes assessments to evaluate the participants’ understanding and application of the concepts taught during the program. These assessments are in the form of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), assignments, capstones, and skillathons. Successful completion of the capstone project is usually required to earn the certification.

Yes, the Product Management Certification program offered by the Institute of Product Leadership is globally recognized. The institute is well-respected in the industry and has a strong reputation for providing high-quality training and certification programs in product management. The certification is valuable both within the industry and across different geographical regions.

Yes, we offers the flexibility to customize the Product Management Certification program for organizations. They understand that different companies have unique needs and can tailor the program to address specific requirements. Customization options may include incorporating organization-specific case studies, aligning the curriculum with internal processes, or delivering the program on-site for a group of employees.

Transform your career with the International Certificate in Product Management

Building and marketing a product is a delicate undertaking that involves the collaboration of multiple teams and stakeholders. Product management is the art of bringing the different components together to build a product that solves a problem, something that the customer wants, and aligns with an organization’s business goals.

A product manager is responsible for every phase of this process from ideation to marketing to product retirement. The best product management certification in India helps you gear up for each aspect of the role through hands-on experience.

Since Product management has a direct impact on the success of a business, the role is reserved for only the best. Aspirants must pass through layers of meticulous screening to land a product management job, and excellence is the basic requirement for keeping it. The online product management course by the Institute of Product Leadership is designed with these things in mind.

The International Certificate in Product Management course takes you through a well-thought-out path that prepares you to hit the ground running as a product manager. The curriculum leans towards experiential learning as opposed to memorizing theories. You learn from industry practitioners – product leaders in top tech firms.

With weekly live sessions, you get the opportunity to interact with and learn from experts, small class sizes give you the scope for healthy interactions, and the exams are replaced by Skill Hackathons. You get the opportunity to learn on your own time with video lessons and material that stay accessible post-course. Overall, the ICPM program is as modern, state-of-the-art, and effective as it gets.

Still thinking? If this is right for you

Still thinking?
If this is right for you

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