IPL Alumni Success Stories


Got Promoted, Moved into a New Role or Started UP

Career Path: Transition

Kiran Kashikar

Project Manager to Product Manager

Sima Umathay

Project Manager (Cisco) to Product Manager (Flipkart)

Moving Into a Product Management Role

Mid-Level Career Transition is never easy but can be done with the right set of skills, mentoring and Industry Connects!

Many have made the transition into a techno-business role

Career Path: Acceleration

Brahmanand Reddy Patil

Group Manager (Robert Bosch) to Managing Director (Vector Informatik)

Pugal Panneerselvam

Technology Director (JPMorgan Chase) to VP Business Solutions (ILANTUS Technologies)

Getting Promoted - FASTER

More than financial progress, success is also about increased scope and decision-making roles.

Many have moved up, taken broader roles in organizations and have seen Accelerated ROI!

Career Path: Entrepreneur

Karthik Madhava


Debadyuti RoyChowdhury

Expert Data Consultant (AllScripts) to Director (Tappozz)

Startup Incubation

Giving up the high paying job to start a new venture is never easy! “Learning by Doing” approach on courses, personalized mentoring & incubation resources gave them that confidence to start right.

Many have started their own entrepreneurial journey.

Delighted Alumni

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