Institute of Product Leadership Webinar

7 Deadly Sins of Managing UX

14 May 2019

9:00 pm - 10:00 pm IST

Key Takeaways

About the Speaker

Ben Foster,
Chief Product Officer

Ben is one of the foremost experts in product management and design in the DC region. He has been a formal advisor 50+ startups, including several noteworthy companies such as Contactually, FiscalNote, and Aquicore. Ben is currently the Chief Product Officer at GoCanvas, empowering workforces through mobile technology, while continuing to advise companies that are focused on delivering the very best products to their customers. Previously, Ben was VP Product and UX at Opower during its rise from a 40-person underdog to a $1B publicly traded company, and he was the mastermind behind major product innovations during eBay’s earlier days, which contributed to his portfolio of 15 patents and counting. He’s always eager to share his strong beliefs about the essential role UX can play and discuss best practices with the broader tech community.

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