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How to use a Brand Message That Matters™ to dominate your market

Arvindh Sundar
Domination Labs

Arvindh Sundar is the founder of Domination Labs, and has been rated as one of India’s Top 100 Customer Experience Hackers by Oracle and Paul Writer. He has leveraged his expertise to help Fortune 500 companies & amazing brands including IBM, Novell, Jigsaw Academy, Restolex, Freshmenu, Netgear, Medikoe, Kyron Global as well as many individuals and startups build comprehensive and cohesive ecosystems. Here are some of the  key takeaways from the session Are you a premium brand? – Why do brands like Apple, Royal Enfield and Starbucks charge way more than their competitors? What differentiates an expert from an amateur? Are you selling yourself and your business idea as a commodity or a brand? These were some of the burning questions raised by Arvindh. He spoke on dominating marketplaces at an Industry session for the Executive MBA Cohorts of the Institute of Product Leadership at the Whitefield Campus on 17th Feb 2019. “Case studies and business problems is the old way to tackle market share”, said Arvindh. The bottom line is – “Do people care about your brand? If they do, then they will sell the brand for you. Look at Apple, Royal Enfield, and Starbucks. These brands make the customer feel something that goes beyond what the product offers. People go buy that feeling, that particular experience and not just the product. Your brand’s message and the story should be such that it gives your customers that unique feeling or experience.” He stated that the customer needs to become your champion so they market your product/ service. How can you make your customer your champion?

A simple 3 -point messaging:

  1. 1. Make people feel an emotion. Don’t sell features and benefits of your product, sell the feeling that they will achieve if they use your product/service.
  2. 2. Create a storyline – there is a hero (your customer) – there is the villain (pain point) and your product is the mentor who comes bearing gifts of power – weapons that your hero can use to defeat the villain.
  3. 3. Create urgency and brevity in your message. Your audience has an attention span of 3 seconds.

He closed the talk with his personal motto – ‘Champions Before Profits’.  Like Steve Jobs, create an experience for your customers and they will reward you with loyalty and revenue.

Watch his full session here –