Institute of Product Leadership
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Product Management

Championing the Voice of the Customer and Executing on Roadmaps to Deliver Delight.

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Learning Path

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Product Management Fundamentals

Prof. Rahul Abhyankar


IP-SAT (Product Mgmt)

Competency Assessments for Product Management including Market Analysis, Strategic Planning, Product Planning



Competency Assessments for Agile including Scrum, XP, DevOps, Kanban


IP-SAT (Leadership)

Competency Assessments for Leadership including Influentiality Index, Conflict Management


IP-SAT (Innovation)

Competency Assessments for Innovation including Science of Creativity, Innovation Process

Value Proposition

Master customer insighting, market research techniques
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Product Marketing

Learn GTM strategy, Digital Marketing & Sales Enablement.
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Agile Product Management

Create User Story Maps, EPICs. Get the dual agile track expertise
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Advanced Product Management Workshop

Building awareness across all facets of Product Management
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Learning Opportunities

Product Management Lifecycle

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Why should someone learn Product Management?

If you are someone with a varied skillset, strong analytical competence and great communication skills, this is the kind of job in which you can apply all of these.

Especially if you are in an environment that honours those skills, a career in product management can be very rewarding. Plus, working as a Product Manager opens lots of opportunities for career advancement: No one else knows the product as well as you do, and no one else is connected to that many departments. Who knows – if you play your cards right, you might one day be promoted to the CEO role yourself!

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