Agile Product management

3 Weeks Live sessions | 4th Weekend Campus Immersion

This course is a combination of class interaction, learning exercises, and group discussions.
The class activities are designed to allow you to learn through practice so you can
apply scrum methodology to all project sizes, from a single collocated team
to large and highly distributed teams

Learn from anywhere on your schedule

Understand why and when companies need to adopt agile for the development of products.

Understand the concepts behind Agile software development.

Be able to use the framework of Scrum and XP and their principles required for effective implementation.

Appreciate how software quality is maintained in an agile project.

Apply the agile principles in the projects.

Be able to conceptualize and create product roadmaps

Why this Bootcamp

Work 1:1 with a Mentor

We pair you with a mentor who has extensive professional and academic knowledge of the field. You’ll have one-on-one conversations with him or her, and receive useful feedback on improving your work.

Learn from Anywhere, On Your Schedule

Each week, you’ll complete a series of videos, quizzes, slideshows and projects through our online platform – available to access at any time. Scheduling time for a mentoring session is just as flexible.

We’ll Keep You Engaged

Our mentors are here to keep you motivated, answer questions, provide feedback, and help deepen your understanding of essential tools and techniques.

See What You'll Learn

New technologies such as Mobile and Cloud have changed the delivery model of the software. The pace of business is increasing rapidly and hence Time-to-Market is very vital for companies. Customers have become increasingly demanding as they use social media to provide feedback on the products that they are using. Companies need to adapt to these changes by using agile methodologies to co-create with their customers and deliver value faster than their competitors. This course equip the participants with best skills of agile to deliver the best values to customers

Unit 1 : Product Road mapping and prioritizing

■ MoSCoW
■ $100 Test
■ Kano Analysis
■ Release Planning

■ Product Lifecycle Process Framework
■ Roadmap Template and External Vs Internal Roadmap

■ Cross Functional Governance

Unit 2: Agility for software development

■ Why Agile
■ Value of using Agile, Comparison of waterfall and Agile
■ Agile Principles
■ Agile Methodologies

Unit 3 : Scrum

■ What is Scrum
■ Roles in Scrum
■ Scrum Ceremonies(Sprint planning, Scrum meeting, Sprint review, Retrospective)
■ Effectively managing product backlog(backlog Grooming, Writing effective User Stories, Splitting user stories)
■ Agile Planning process(from release to sprint)
■ Running Agile Sprints
■ Agile Estimation
■ Agile Technical Practices(Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development, Refactoring)
■ Maintaining Quality in Agile(Acceptance test driven development, Definition of Done,Kaizan,…)
■ Agile Teaming Practices – Social contract, Mood Marbles,…
■ Agile Metrics

Unit 4: Kanban

■ Overview of Kanban
■ Kanban concepts principles and best practices(Theory of constraint, WIP Limit,visualization of work, Class of service,..)
■ Kanban Tools
■ Kanban Metrics(Cycle Time, Lead Time, Cumulative Flow Diagram)
■ Different Process elements in Kanban, and Discussing Scrum/XP Vs Kanban

Unit 5 : Advanced Topic

■ What is dual track agile (Design Track, delivery Track)
■ Product Thinking(Project charter, business goals, story mapping)
■ Story Mapping tools

Unit 6 : Devops

■ Devops – entire cycle
■ Devops implementation
■ Devops tools
■ Devops Metrics and beyond Devops

Unit 7 : Hackathon(for product idea)

1. Creating Project Charter
2. Business Goals and Success Criteria
3. Creating Story maps for the Persona’s Goals.
4. Release and Sprint Planning
5. Build the product(3 sprints of 30 minutes each)

Unit 8 Certification Preparation

1.Certiication Test Preparation
4.Practice questions
5.Agile Assessments

Faculty’s focus and deep understanding of Agile and Lean Philosophy, would be a boon to any company that’s wants to improve their software development practices and also their entire organization.

Anirudh Sharma

Chief Architect, TCS


Prof. Aslam Hirani

Agile Coach

Prof. Aslam Hirani is an Entrepreneur , software development process consultant and agile coach with 19+ years of experience in R&D process consulting, agile transformations and Program management.Working in agile development model from last 10 years and coaching agile teams from last 6 years in areas of agile assessment, agile adoption, agile transformation, agile scaling, distributed agile development and agile competency development.

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