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Chhavi Bajaj, Director of Global People Management

VM Ware

How to develop new-age mindsets?

Skills are more easily acquired which can be learnt through observation or experience of education. However, building mindsets are a lot more difficult and important as they are disruptive both in terms of technological landscape and in terms of anticipating or responding to the changes.

If I am to put in one phrase, it is the ability for “Learning the agility and the skill to connect the dots with the external world” and understanding how it helps your organization and for the individual to build the future.

Learning the agility and the skill to connect the dots with the external world

Why is hiring freshers advantageous?

Freshers teach us the most valuable skill – the ability to question status-quo.  It is vital for the organisations to learn and adapt it.

Hackathon or resume based hiring?

Hackathon is one way which is building its appetite currently, but in a conditioned environment. People perform differently under stress, safe environment or under any simulation. “I think any tool, be it hackathon, assessment or behavioral hiring is at the end of the day are judgment calls.”



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