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Tarun Sharma,

CEO of BMC Software

The Art of Leadership

As a leader, your actions have a direct impact on your team. If you are energetic, the team’s drive and vigor get amplified automatically. While we think that humans are rational and logical beings, they are neither. The truth is they are emotional who tend to react to emotions faster than logic. As a leader, it is vital to stay in touch with your emotions and be mindful. Being the head of a team demands a great deal of energy which adds to a lot of fatigue. As a true leader, it is an important element to not show any exhaustion and control the factors that might amplify negative energy in the team.

Listen > Action

As product professionals, we tend to get emotionally attached to the product and think that it would solve the world’s problems. We forget to talk to customers and seek their feedback after executing the product. As product managers, listening intently to the customers and coming up with strategic solutions would be the best method to bring user-friendly products and increase your credibility.

Why is Career Transition important?

This is about accountability to self. If you are spending 9-10 hours of time in your workplace, you need to introspect about it. If you are not excited and passionate about your role, you should change.

“Careers are not set and stone. In fact, nothing is set and stone. But when you go to office in the morning, you need to be excited.”

Product Management v/s Product Leadership

“Product Leadership is greater than Product Management. Product Manager is a title and Product Management is a job while Product Leadership is not just doing things right; it is about doing the right things and then doing it right.” This is exactly the difference between a manager and a leader.

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