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Sakaar Anand

Senior VP, Software Engineering at CA Technologies

“I get very uncomfortable in life by getting comfortable”

Be Open to Change:

Technology changes so frequently that what we knew 10 years ago has become redundant now. Not just tech, but we need to keep ourselves updated with the constant changes around us. To ensure that, upskilling and reskilling is vital which will open up new avenues in your career.

Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable:

It is crucial to get out of the comfort zone and face the challenges. This discomfort will make you do things that you would have never imagined allowing you to experiment creatively. With this shift, it is common to encounter failures. Failing is important as it makes you better and more humble. It increases creativity in your work domain increasing the productivity.

Be willing to learn what you don’t know:

Out of various transitions I encountered, the one from being an Engineer to a HR Leader was the most significant. I had to be smarter than other people who were already in this field. It was crucial for me to unlearn and relearn. The will to learn and “accepting the fact that I am not the smartest person in the room” helped me to perform better and learn more. It widened my opportunity and scope in the HR domain that enhanced the chances for my professional growth.


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