Ram Narayanan, General Manager at eBay
Product Development Centre, India

About Ram Narayanan

Ram is the General Manager and Global Head of Monetization Products for eBay Marketplaces, eBay Product Management Center, India. He is a seasoned leader in Product Management, New Product Development and Product marketing. He has previously been the Vice President of Global Product Management in Yahoo!, and has served in many capacities at Microsoft, both in the US and India. Ram has spent over 12 years in the US auto industry at Ford Motor Company and DaimlerChrysler Corporation. He is the recipient of the Ford President’s Customer Driven Quality Award in 1998. Being both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur, he has led product strategy & management and also helped bring affordable and technology-driven solutions to India. He is a much admired mentor who provides directional guidance and empowers his team to deliver on their commitments. Ram holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering & an MBA from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Ram on “Why India needs product leaders today”:

“A few years ago, India wasn’t ready. There was a lot of engineering work happening and a lot of delivery work happening. But, over the last four-five years, a lot of product thinking has started to come in, driven primarily by starting with a lot of start-ups, and also larger companies starting to think about developing full products out of India. So, the whole ecosystem is coming together. The time is ripe for us to start to think about product leadership in a much more material and deeper way, and start to get everybody lined up to starting thinking that way”.

Key Take-aways:

- Given growing startups in the last few years, India has started to think about product leadership.
- With multinational companies also looking to develop full products in India, there is a need for the ecosystem to align toward product thinking.

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