Institute of Product Leadership
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Rajeev Kumar, Director, Product Management, CA Technologies

Rajeev Kumar is the Chief Product Owner for CA Service Management products. Other than managing and leading the product wave in CA Technologies, his specialties include Agile Methodologies, Competitive Intelligence, Service Management, IT Service Management, and IT Asset Management.

What transformations you see undergoing in the product management space in India?

Today, India is witnessing an evolution of product space that started with the advent of buoyant technologies and platforms in the west. Our product managers are now imbibing the product thinking, while challenging the status quo to expand the horizons of product ecosystem in India. They understand their company’s vision more holistically, which is why their role is elevating dynamically in the corporate hierarchy.

How IPL will create a difference in Hyderabad through its EPGPM program?

Essentially, IPL is providing product education which is different from every management education you see today. With its EPGPM program, IPL will help Hyderabad tech crowd to nurture their product thinking irrespective of their functional role.
IPL has an edge over its competitors as it brings aspirers from all walks of corporate world, and industry leaders as faculty under one roof. IPL is investing great values in the product community, which will go a long way in pushing Indian product professionals to the next level.


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