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Entrepreneurship 101 - Naidu Darapaneni, Founder, MeraEvents

Does India have a product ecosystem?

Primarily India been a service industry for quite long period of time but definitely India is moving towards products developing products because people understand that developing a product can serve the global market and it's a scalable opportunity so Indian entrepreneurs are definitely looking at areas where how can I develop a product to serve to the global market so definitely its not a matured state completely but definitely its progressing and in a good state today. A lot of the young entrepreneurs are actually looking at developing a product, they are not talking only about service business anymore. I think its a good sign for Indian market.

What is a founder's main focus area?

Anyone who wants to start a company definitely need to understand that what am I doing what is the problem I am solving what is the value addition I am bringing to the table and then having Close observation with the real people and the real problem so when we started as a MeraEvents, technology for events, we were attending events and understanding the pain areas in the industry so similarly whatever the idea are you have.
you need to solve the real pain problem. And when you are doing that be close to your consumers who are the customers who are actually paying, for whom you are solving for. That eye is very important for a person who is starting a company.


- India slowly understands that products can also give us access to the global market.
- An entrepreneur needs to understand what customer problem are they solving. This is critical.


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