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Dr. Satish Ailawadi, Director and Professor, IMT Hyderabad

Dr. Satish Ailawadi is a Graduate in Chemical Engineering from University of Roorkee, now known as IIT, Roorkee and MBA from University of Poona with dual specialization in Marketing and Operations Management. He is also M.Phil in Entrepreneurship from Madurai Kamraj University and Ph.D in R&D Management from Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur.

Can you give an overview on the project management movement in India?

The trajectory of product management space is skyrocketing as it is becoming the nervous system of every organization. Product management is forecasted to nestle between all the functions of a company; controlling and executing every business strategy in the near future.
Product managers of today should be in tandem with all the changes manifesting today. They shouldn’t shy away from failures or fear from implementing something new in the market. With new technologies making their way, product managers have to don lots of hats, and soon in the imminent future, they will be the ones leading their companies as CEOs.

What is your take on IPL’s EPGPM program launch in IMT Hyderabad?

I see the joint venture with IPL as the beginning of a new chapter in the product management and data analytics space. EPGPM program will help us evolve and differentiate from the rest with its skill-based modular curriculum and individualized approach. And it is just a beginning. With our background and EPGPM’s proficiency, we anticipate going a long way in revolutionizing the product ecosystem.


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