What is Customer Insight?

“Customer Insight” is the intersection between the interests of the consumer and features of the brand.
The main purpose of customer insight is to understand why the consumer cares for that particular brand as well as their underlying behaviour, unrevealed emotions, experiences, beliefs, needs, desire and the motivation that trigger their attitude and actions.

The most important marketing gurus like Philip Kotler and recently Mohanbir Sawhney believe that “customer insight” as the new paradigm on marketing science.

Or in other words, we can say that it is a discovery about the target consumer that sets up a link between a brand and a consumer which determines that the brand understands the consumer.

Few Examples of Customer Insight:

• A child gets carried away by attractive packing cover of a toy, which has his/her favourite cartoon character displayed on it and coerces his parents to buy the same.
• When an adult opens up a cereal box, he ensures to read what is written on the product package.
• When a woman stands in a queue at the trial room to try her new dress, she quietly observes what others of her age are trying and buying.
• When picking up a snack at the food court, typically, people look around what others are eating.
• While travelling by air or train, people usually tend to read more.

Customer Insight is undoubtedly an important factor when it comes to market analysis and armed with this, the brand will easily be able to speak to the right customer, at the right time, for the right reasons.

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