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Webinar – “Product Manager of Growth – A new role with a sole focus on growth”

Companies are under more pressure than ever to launch new products and grow them fast. Once product/market fit is reached, it’s time to grow. Building a team that is focused on growth is a new challenge and the Product Manager of Growth plays a key role in driving results.

This session is designed to provide three things:

1) A framework for identifying growth opportunities
2) A process for evaluating and prioritising growth initiatives
3) Actionable advice for overcoming the challenges growth teams face

Who Should Attend

Individual contributors and Dir/VP/C Levels who have been tasked with growing retention and engagement for B2C or B2B software companies and are already familiar with the basics of AB testing. There will be time at the end of the session for Q&A.


Jason Meresman
VP Product and Cofounder at
Jason Meresman is a seasoned Silicon Valley product executive with over 15+ years of product management experience in both B2C and B2B products. He cofounded GrowthHackers with Sean Ellis in 2014. Prior to GrowthHackers he cofounded and sold Qualaroo and worked with several companies in the Index Ventures portfolio, as well as and SGI.


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