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Manoj Kumar, Founding Partner- Workplaceif

What is the current status of traditional L&D?

Currently, the industry is experiencing a disruption where it is blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital background that is leading the organizations to change; meaning, the HR practices need to change as well.

The HR is now not limited to recruitment, employee performance, engagement, and talent development. For example, HR is no more recruiting the people who are actively looking for a job but find those passive candidates who are talented and not-really looking for a job. The ability to find these passive talented people through data and AI now becomes of the utmost important pack in the recruitment phase.

HR is up for big disruptions, AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Processing are really going to show a new form of HR and that’s the reason why I call it the future of HR is no HR.

The future of HR is no HR.

Game-changing trends in HR and L&D space

HR will now begin to take a new shape and size by upping their game with digital spaces and technologies evolving every day. They’re the network builders inside and outside the organization so that the talent can be acquired at the right place, at the right time. With all the disruptions in the field, without analytics, it becomes highly impossible to make sense.

In the future, HR will be looking at these 3 things: Digital disruption, network builder and workforce analytics.


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