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Product Marketing Fundamentals

Decipher markets, customer and their needs to communicate compelling value propositions

Communicate the compelling value and deliver winning products in a competitive market place by appealing to buyer needs

Key Highlights

Course Length

3 Weeks

100% Online

With Continuous Learning Community support + Monthly Live Webinars


4 Hours/ Week

Learning Access

Resource Toolkit + Unlimited Networking Events + Practice Session with Coach (Optional)

“Awesome Product Marketing fundamentals”
Innovite Systems
“Product Marketing has been a mystery to me until this course which explains everything that a Product marketing manager does in the context of a Product and the supporting role of the Product manager. I am now having meaningful discussions with the Product team with this knowledge. Thanks!”

What will you Learn?

Top skills you will learn

Course Curriculum

   Product Marketing vs Product Management
   Understanding the Market and competition – Customer Segmentation
   Understanding Buyer Persona & Compelling Value
    Chapter Quiz
   GTM Strategy and Positioning as an Iterative process
    Chapter Quiz
   Understanding the context
   Media Segregation Matrix
   Routes to Market
   Budget Fundamentals
    Chapter Quiz
   What is Sales Enablement?
   Why is Sales Enablement Important?
   How is Sale Enablement Practiced?
   Who Owns Sales Enablement?
    Chapter Quiz
   Metric for every stage of the funnel
   Lead Generation
   Demand Generation
    Chapter Quiz
   Who are your internal stakeholders?
   Steps within Stakeholder Management
   Prioritising stakeholders
   Stakeholder management checklist example
    Chapter Quiz
   Customer adoption lifecycle
   Example – Snickers
    Chapter Quiz

Ideal For

Product Managers, Business Managers, Team Leads, Data professionals, Entrepreneurs.

Common Scenarios to Enroll

Deep Buyer Understanding
Deep Buyer UnderstandingYou realise that successful product marketers owe their market place wins to a comprehensive understanding of their target buyers and so are keen to unravel their consumption decision making impulses
Read More
Go-To- Market Success
Go-To- Market SuccessYou want to use a structured scientific process to take products to a competitive market and attain customer consideration and loyalty
Read More
Metric Based Measurements
Metric Based MeasurementsTo ensure continuous improvement of your marketing initiatives you need to measure investments made, identify arenas of improvement and take corrective action based on metrics used
Read More

Product marketing is the linchpin to sustainable business growth.

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