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Product Management Foundation


Develop a well-versed understanding of elements that make up the product management discipline

Product Management Lifecycle

Key Highlights

Course Length

2 Weeks

100% Online

With Continuous Learning Community support + Monthly Live Webinars​


4-5 Hours/Week

Learning Access

Resource Toolkit & Templates + Unlimited Networking Events

Fastest Way to Understand the nuances of end to end Product Management with simple and yet complete coverage on concepts, frameworks & how to transition into Product Career roles.
Srini S
Project Manager, TCS
Takes a very pragmatic approach to understanding Product Management around the Why, How and What? Helped me gain confidence and structure for things i was already doing intuitively and adhocly
Sudha M
Product Owner, Flipkart

What will you Learn?

Top skills you will learn

Course Curriculum

  •    Product Management Fundamentals – Getting  Started
  •    What is a Product?
  •    Difference between a Product and a Service
  •    Moving from Services to Products.
  •    The Product Manager Mindset
  •    What is the Product Lifecycle?
  •    What is Product Management?
  •    Review & Recap
  •     Chapter Quiz
  •    What is Value?
  •    What is Value Management
  •    Understanding Value
  •    Creating Value
  •    Capturing Value
  •    Communicating Value
  •    Delivering Value
  •    Review & Recap
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    What is The Adaptive Productizing Process?
  •    Market Analysis
  •    Strategic Planning
  •    Product Planning
  •    Go To Market
  •    Sales Enablement
  •    Delivering Delight
  •    Review & Recap
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    Additional Learning Resources
  •    Role of a Product Manager
  •    PM Interlock with org
  •    CEO of the Product!
  •    Anatomy of a Product Manager
  •    Career Path of a Product Manager
  •    Who is a Product Leader?
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    Final Assessment
  •    Webinar on Career Transition in Product Management- Industry Trends
  •    Empathy in Product Development
  •    Does Product Management prepare you for a CEO role
  •    Building Customer Centric Products
  •    Product Management: Not Just for Product Managers
  •    Product Management as a Career Path
  •    Transition from Technology Professional to Product Management Career Charter
  •    Building Successful Career with Product Management
  •    Recommended Books

Ideal For

Project Managers, Program Managers, Q/A Managers, Managers, Solutions Architect, Software Developers, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, UI-UX designers, Business Analysts, Consultants, Entrepreneurs.

Common Scenarios to Enroll

Product Roles
Product RolesYou are looking to take on a product role and require a comprehensive understanding of what it entails
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Value Mindset
Value MindsetYou want to approach all Product-related activities keeping in mind it’s a contribution to value creations
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Product  Expertise
Product ExpertiseYou have managerial competencies and want to add product management expertise to your arsenal of skill sets
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"Industry-wide surveys show that Product Management skills will be in great demand across industries and the requirement for Product Managers & Leaders will grow at a rapid pace."

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