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Advanced Agile Product Management


Capitalize on advanced Agile methodologies to enhance customer focused value creation and delivery.

Key Highlights

Course Length

5 weeks

100% Online

With Continuous Learning Community support + Monthly Live Webinars


4 Hours/Week

Learning Access

Resource Toolkit + Unlimited Networking Events + Practice Session with Coach (Optional)

I have immensely benefited from the practical approach taking in this course to explain every aspect of Agile Product Management with some great examples
Product Owner, Systa Infortech
A very comprehensive yet easy to understand course with great tips on applying the frameworks. I am not new to Agile but this in-depth course gives me a lot more confidence on how I can effectively implement this with my Agile team.
Madhukar M
Product Manager, Cisco Systems

What will you Learn?

Top skills you will learn

Course Curriculum

  •    Introduction
  •    Agile Mindset
  •    Iterative and Incremental
  •    Economic Benefits
  •    Evolution of Agile for Software
  •     Chapter Quiz
  •    Additional Learning Resources
  •    Introduction
  •    Two sides of achieving product-market fit
  •    Visualization of PM and PO Roles
  •    Measuring success
  •    Mindsets
  •    Other roles
  •    Recap
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    Additional Learning Resources
  •    Introduction
  •    The user and personas
  •    Problem statement
  •    Vision
  •    Product-market fit
  •    Problem definition
  •    Solution definition
  •    Business model definition
  •    Lean validation overview
  •    Story mapping
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    Additional Learning Resources
  •    Introduction
  •    Product Charter
  •    Roadmapping
  •    Product Backlog Prioritization
  •    Product steering
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    Additional Learning Resources
  •    Introduction
  •    What is Scrum
  •    Roles in Scrum
  •    Scrum Events
  •    Product Backlog
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    Additional Learning Resources
  •    Introduction
  •    Story Writing
  •    Agile Estimating
  •    Agile Planning
  •    Managing the Sprint
  •    Technical Practices and Quality
  •     Chapter Quiz
  •     Additional Learning Resources
  •    Introduction
  •    Interpreting burndown charts
  •    Three levels of planning and estimating
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    Additional Learning Resources
  •    Introduction
  •    Why kanban?
  •    Creating flow
  •    Kanban in action
  •    Chapter Quiz
  •    Additional Learning Resources
  •    Wrap-up
  •    Recommended Books

Ideal For

Business Analysts, Project Managers, Aspiring Product Managers and Product Owners 

Common Scenarios to Enroll

Agile Expertise
Agile ExpertiseYou are keen to chart your career growth by gaining expertise in Agile skill sets that are high in demand across industries.
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Hands-on Learning
Hands-on LearningYou want to enroll for a course that is both short and yet is comprehensive and uses practical hands-on learning techniques
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Leadership Role
Leadership RoleYou are poised to take on leadership roles in the product arena and require a branded certificate program that enhances your professional equity.
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“The new capabilities leaders need to build 21st-century organizations require that they lead Agile transformation as an enterprise-wide initiative”

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