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Finance Fundamentals for Non Finance Managers


Foster and hone financial expertise to manage strategic business units

Key Highlights

Course Length

5 weeks

100% Online

With Continuous Learning Community support + Monthly Live Webinars


7 Hours/Week

Learning Access

Resource Toolkit + Unlimited Networking Events + Practice Session with Coach (Optional)

This is exactly what I needed. A Finance course that doesn’t overwhelm you with jargon but at the same time helps me develop the right vocabulary for effective conversations with our finance leaders
Trifecta Systems
As a Product Manager I was always at a loss in the conversations with leadership teams when it came to how to evaluate investments in the business - in products or M&A. Not any more. With this course I have gained the necessary acumen to not only understand but influence the investments
Cisco Systems

What will you Learn?

Top skills you will learn

Course Curriculum

   The Language of accounting
   What is Capital? How does it increase?
   What are the Primary Financial Statements, and what are their building blocks?s
   Assets, Liabilities, Incomes & Expenses
   Building a personal Balance Sheet
   Building a Company Balance Sheet
   What is the P&L Account?
   The PL An introduction
   Items in a PL statement
   Format of PL Account
   What happens during each transaction
   A few initial entries
   Some more entries
   Entries for the end of the Year
   Observations on Balance Sheet
   Some accounting Concepts and Conventions
   The key accounting concepts
   Valuation of Assets shown in the Balance Sheet
   Creating a template for PL and Balance Sheet
   Making Accounting entries (Part-2)
   Making Accounting entries (Part-3)
    Additional Learning Resources
   Compound Interest
   Periodic Compounding
   Compounding vs. Discounting
   A = P*(1+r)^n and its derivations
   The rule of 72
   Applying the rule of 72
   The impact of compounding
   Arithmetic Mean vs Geometric Mean
   Mean or Median which average to use
   Present Values and Future Values of A Cash flow
   $100 now or $110 later?
   The Required Rate of Return “r”
   My expectation of “r” depends on risk perception
   Two Projects: A and B
   Given a series of cash flows, how to add them?
   Present value of an annuity
   Investing in a Bond – what happens when I buy a bond?
   When I sell a bond, how do people value it?
   Three requirements for a DCF
   Why analyzing cash flows and not profits is important?
   Spreadsheet conventions for DCF problems
   DCF two methods – NPV & IRR
   The Capital Budgeting Process
   Investment Evaluation – A few key concepts and terms
   Present value of a growing perpetual annuity
   A Capital Budgeting Problem – ABC ltd
   Additional Learning Resources
   Resource Library

Ideal For

Functional Managers, Product Leaders, Business Decision Makers, Product Managers

Common Scenarios to Enroll

Financial Acumen
Financial AcumenYou are keen on adding financial expertise to your managerial skill sets and enhance your professional profile
Read More
Monetary Language
Monetary LanguageYou want to become well versed in the language of money & finance so you can manage business activities as profit centers
Read More
Fund Management
Fund ManagementThe ability to raise capital and allocate funds to fuel strategic growth is a skill that you want to hone
Read More

“As technology, globalization and demographic trends continue to disrupt organizations, whole industries and indeed the working world as a whole, the role of the finance function will increasingly be brought into question. Where once its remit was predominantly that of a reporting function that focused on balancing the books, it will become a data-driven decision-center”

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