Customer Centric Innovation for Engineers


Practice customer centricity as the pivot to all engineering activities

Key Highlights

Course Length

5 Weeks

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4 Hours/ Week

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“As engineers we are always focused on creating solutions, products but often miss out on the important questions of why are we developing this solution? How do we know the customer will benefit from it and how do we know we are working on the right problem? This course makes us step back and learn the approach, ask those questions and put them into context in a structured way. The process of innovation is beautifully explained and is very practical”

Sukhinder S

“After going through this course as an engineer I’ve started asking very important but often unasked questions - Who is the product for? Why do they need it? Why do they choose us? What is the best way to innovate? and now my work as an engineer is more satisfying”

Kripa M

What will you Learn?

  • Journey of idea to commercially successful products or solutions.
  • Develop a value proposition using the value prop canvas framework.
  • Overcome the psychological and behavioral barriers to build personal and team creativity.
  • The five leadership practices of building an innovation culture.
  • Fundamental personas & user stories.
  • The right incentives, processes, and mindsets to spur creativity.
  • Types of Innovation based on the impact the innovation creates.
  • Differences between radical and Disruptive innovation.
  • Best Practices of recognized innovative companies.
  • Understand the concept of Innovation.
  • ROI of Innovation.

Top skills you will learn

  • Design value propositions using customer centric innovations.
  • Use voice of customers to understand needs and problems and devise solutions.
  • Communicate with customers effectively using positioning driven stances.

Course Curriculum

Ideal For

Engineers with over 5 years of experience

Common Scenarios to Enroll

Customer Centric Mindset
Customer Centric MindsetYou don’t want to be limited by a functional perspective and want to foster a customer based outlook to your work.
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Innovation Driver
Innovation DriverRecognizing the importance of innovation at work, you want to learn how to generate ideas and drive their execution.
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Intrapreneurial Competencies
Intrapreneurial CompetenciesYou want to do a comprehensive short term course that can enable the intrapreneur in you to generate growth possibilities in your company.
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65% of companies say their customer focused employees are their most important partners in innovation, ranking them above technology partners

PwC Innovation Benchmark

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