Institute of Product Leadership
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Sovan Panda, Associate VP & Delivery Head – Saskan

Are product management skills relevant only for product managers?

It is absolutely more diverse than that because a lot number of people are involved in the development of a product and unless we create the inclusivity, accountability and ownership, the responsibility won’t come out into place. This is an opportunity for a lot of people to develop holistic skills for themselves. With the involvement, the team members will eventually believe that they are the product owners which will help in product launch in the product at the right time.

What is the relevance of IPL today?

IPL plays a key role as they develop an entire holistic change for product managers by teaching them from the ideation of the product till the execution. They prepare the cohorts for the market’s demands and they now know what they exactly need to do. IPL is playing a vital role in creating product leaders and entrepreneurs.


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