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Omanakuttan Namboodiri

Director, Technology - Cognizant

Q. What are the essential skills a product manager should possess?

An important quality for a product manager to possess is high emotional quotient and empathy. They have to walk a mile in the customer’s shoes to bring a product ahead in this competitive market. As they grasp their user’s interests, the ability to focus, learn and de-clutter information accordingly becomes vital. He needs to focus on the information that helps the product to succeed in the market. Just as a tea taster who goes through 100 different kinds of tea to create the best blend, product managers should possess the ability to find the right product to introduce it for their users.

Q. What is the scope of product management in India?

Traditionally, India was known for great products.  We were always good at making products but we lacked skills that produced success in a market. With programs like Make in India, Digital India, there is a wide scope for innovation in our country making product management very relevant to us.

Q. Who do you think can get into product management?

Product Management is for someone who is really passionate about creating something and has the will power to make it successful in the market.

Q. What are your views on IPL’s programs?

There are numerous product design institutions across India, but IPL stands out as it’s the only one that provides end-to-end product management and leadership programs catering to experienced professionals in the industry and collectively building an informal space with rich learning experience to everyone.


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