Car Cleaner

Car Cleaning Transactions Problem Context Car washing service in apartment complex is manual and unorganized service provided by vendor. Process involves challenges related to scheduling, payment and feedback management which eventually leads to trust deficit between car owners and vendor Target customer ■Car Owners in apartment complex ■Car cleaning vendors providing independent services in apartment […]


Runware Problem Context Decipher electricity consumption Target customer Residential customers with 4+ members with a avg electricity bill over Rs. 2500. Proposed Solution ■ Device to capture electricity consumption by appliance. ■ Use that information for warranty/service management and community driven informed buying. ■ Using a mobile app. Value Proposition ■ Energy consumption by appliance. ■ Paperless warranty management. […]

Cocobella Vitamin

Cocobella Vitamin Problem Context Healthy natural flavored water (no additives) straight from water filter. Target customer ■  Family (B2C)/Bachelors (B2C)/Children(B2C) ■  Hotels (B2B) ■  Fitness Centers (B2B) ■  Travelers (B2C) ■  Vendors selling Water purifiers (B2B) Proposed Solution ■ Water purifier providing natural flavor water instantaneously ■ Smart device to produce flavor water while travelling ■ Sachet of […]


Merawish Problem Context Platform to manage wish-list – for both donors and receivers Target customer Millennials in the age group of 18-25 years who are online shoppers Proposed Solution MeraWISH ver 1.0 is a marketplace (platform) which helps the Donor to fulfill the wishes by going over the wish-list and selecting an appropriate item for […]


Afterlife Problem Context What if death comes suddenly? What can I do today, to make things easy for others when I am gone. Target customer ■ People over 45 years. ■ Someone who been discovered with life threatening illness. ■  People who have lost someone recently. Proposed Solution A platform that helps you plan and put things in […]

Pure Basics

Pure Basics Problem Context Naturally extracted cooking oil (peanut, coconut and sesame) is not available to people who are health conscious and live in urban places. Target customer Health conscious customers with high spending power. Proposed Solution Aggregate the small scale oil production units and procure quality seeds from the  the farmers directly. Package them […]

Digital Farming

Digital Farming Problem Context Rural woman and farmers in India live in poverty because they cannot access the market. Target customer Urban Managers, NRIs, Corporate Employees, Small Investors and Business People Proposed Solution We build the network with digital technology, building round the year market for livestock Value Proposition ■ Your investment offers rural farmers for livestock, […]


Bloom Problem Context ■ Blood Recipients are not able to find a donor easily.■ Merchants need more business. Target customer ■ Pharmacies■ Diagnostic Labs■ Restaurants■ Apparel Stores Proposed Solution ■ Online channel to connect donors and blood recipients.■ Donors given incentive to register as a donor. Value Proposition ■ Donor should be able to pledge as prospective donors on mobile app/website.■ Donor get incentive as […]


Insuwallet Problem Context ■ Along with work commitments,managing different medical insurance policies for the family.■ Unable to quickly find individual insurance supported hospital.■ Tedious process of filing medical claims.■ Unable to save all medical documents at one repository. Target customer Tech-savvy heavy smartphone users of tier 1 cities in INDIA. Proposed Solution ■ A simple mobile/web application to find “In […]