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Car Cleaning Transactions

Problem Context

Car washing service in apartment complex is manual and unorganized service provided by vendor. Process involves challenges related to scheduling, payment and feedback management which eventually leads to trust deficit between car owners and vendor

Target customer

■Car Owners in apartment complex
■Car cleaning vendors providing independent services in apartment complex
Car cleaning workers 
■ Management committees who are managing vendors.

Proposed Solution

Leverage technology to manage this apparently low end work process by building simplest and low cost Mobile App. This would provide single truth and easy access to car owners and vendor to manage entire process at the click of a button

Value Proposition

■ Simplified use of technology, transactions recorded thru mobile app for single truth
■Alerts for prioritization/change in schedule/service
Payment records & report generation.
Simplified complaint records thru photo & Emoji. Complaint resolution record.


Rahul Wagh,
Engineering manager,

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