Could India be the next big Product Nation?
Anu Acharya, Founder, MapMyGenome

Are we moving from Services to Products as a country?

I think the product industry is kind of in that mode where we are seeing a few of them come up. I think we have moved as a country from being services oriented country to quite a few products coming out. So I think its matter of time, a matter of creating that ecosystem who have the customer base for those products as well. I think we are in that phase where I would give it a few more years for which we become a real product country.

Are we ready to become a Product Nation?

Absolutely I don't see why not. I think it's a matter of time but it's also a matter of having conviction in our own abilities. And, to be able to fund product ideas more than services ideas. That is one thing that if we can get the venture industry to start looking at, that would be a great thing.

I don't see a big difference in terms of the ideas but I think in order to build a good product we need to have a few years of patient product building without having the necessity of being able to say can I actually start getting revenue from day one. I think it’s a matter of putting all the pieces of the ecosystem together to be able to say can we come up with the right with the product that can be built in India.

What do you look for in a PM?

For a product manager product manager I would look strongly at people who have the ability to look at not just the technical domain of what we are intending to do but to be able to understand what consumers were looking for in our field of genomics or it could be about being able to say do we have the interpersonal say skills to interact and get work done. Getting work done from different people is as important as being able to understand what consumer needs are and to be able to translate and get those in harmony is what I look I look for.

3 take-aways:

- We need to slowly develop an ecosystem to support a product-oriented country.
- It will take time to build this ecosystem and getting VCs to fund good products will help accelerate the process.
- A product manager should have the technical skills and interpersonal skills to get the work done.

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