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Abhilash Verma, Vice President-Product Management, Citrix

How do you approach problems in the Product Space?

There are different approaches to solve a problem. For instance, if there is no growth in the revenue from the product, one method could be evaluating the market while the other lies on public preferences in design and technology. As Product Managers, they should look for innovative solutions as it is important to grasp the shift in trends and meet customer expectations.

Challenges in the Product Space: 

Being a Product Manager in a non-headquarter location for an MNC, it acted as an additional challenge. But, that’s the fun of the game if there are more challenges, as it increases the scope for innovation and energetic performance. To overcome the barriers, Product Managers should have the perseverance to follow their passion to make the change happen.

Advice for the newbies in Product Management:

There is never a ‘no’ as the answer. As Product Managers, they should understand functions such as business prospects, sales expectations, internal engineering, and customer requirements. On the other hand, Product Managers should also be clear to what they are saying a ‘yes.’  As growing Leaders, understanding the ‘why’ of a Product becomes crucial and should work on it before accepting the offer. Once the ‘why’ gets answered, the Product Manager gains clarity and becomes successful.

IPL has created a norm in the industry where it focuses on building Product Leaders and not Managers. The institute is called as IPL and not IPM which makes it stand out from the rest of the B-Schools. I, personally look at IPL as an institute that brings value to the society and to the Business domain.


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