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10 Best IPL Blogs of 2016

1. How great product teams partner to solve customer problems”

A discussion that draws upon the fantastic collaboration between Bill and Melinda Gates to illustrate how product managers, project managers and technologists can collaborate constructively towards a common goal.

2. “The C.A.S.E for having product managers in India”

Why should companies set up a product management practice in India? Here are 4 compelling reasons.

3.“This is the right time to be a product manager” 

A reflection upon the factors that are driving the perfect storm requiring more product managers.

4.“Why the product manager is the Jon Snow of companies”

A recent hero shows us why product managers need to have some strikingly different skills to succeed.

5.“Essential reading on the Products vs. Services dilemma”

If you want to understand more about this vital difference, this is THE list to peruse.

6.  “So you’re a product manager now. What’s next?”

Sage advice about how new PMs should tackle their first 90 days for long-lasting success.

7.“Behind every Sindhu is a Gopichand”

This blog details 6 ways mentors are critical for career success.

8.“Don’t treat your education as an insurance policy”

A report (and recording) of one of the most popular webinars of 2016 with Kunal Shah, Chairman of Freecharge.

9.“Leadership lessons from Moneyball”

A failing baseball team and a no-name coach successfully disrupted baseball forever. Watch the movie and read this blog to draw inspiration.

10. “How Will You Measure Your Life…and Build Great Products? ”

The theory of motivation suggests that we should ask a different set of questions when we are evaluating our jobs and careers than we typically do. Similarly, are we asking the right questions when we are evaluating what features to prioritize in our products?

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