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C.A.S.E for having Product Managers in India

C.A.S.E for having Product Managers in India

As part of our 2nd Annual Product Professionals Baseline Research we reached out to several Product Management leaders in US and Europe to get their views on Product Management from India and what really is the real business case for setting up Product Management teams in India.
Turns out that the case is literally C.A.S.E

C Context

Roughly 30% of all high tech companies based out US and Europe have their engineering resources in India, building new products as well as managing existing product portfolios. Product Managers in India are playing the role of providing the right context to the engineering leaders to ensure not only are they building the right things but building it right.

With many companies now adopting Agile as a product development methodology its even imperative that Product Owners co reside with engineering teams for faster, more efficient and more contextual execution to build a delighting product.

A Affordability
Our India’s first Annual Product Management Survey launched at NASSCOM indicated that average Product Manager salary is around 25 Lakhs or about 50K USD as opposed to what we see in US around 125K so cost is certainly a big factor for several organizations to setup their Product Management in India.

S Scale
This driver is all about execution gaps. We all know that with the multifaceted orchestrating role that Product Manager has with multiple stakeholders, its almost impossible for teams to do all the things they should do and wanted to do. Product Management workload can be viewed through the lens of five functional areas “ Market Analysis/Customer Research, Strategic Planning, Product Planning, GoToMarket, Sales Enablement as indicated in the Adaptive Productizing Process. Second aspect of this sustaining and maintainence mode products where the full product ownership is given to product managers to maintain the roadmap out of India.

E Emerging Markets
More often than not, “same candy new wrapper” doesnt always apply when it comes to taking a successful product that works for a US market and roll that out in emerging markets like India, China, Russia, Latin America.

It makes perfect sense for having skilled product management practitioners to stay close to the customers in these regions to better understand the real market problems and develop delighting solutions for them.

So essentially that has become the business case for having PMs in India. Would love to hear views around this research.


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