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Why Hackathons Matter

How many hours have you spent painstakingly formatting your resume? Discreetly fluffing it up, in the hope of getting noticed and scoring the Next Big Job out there? Far too many, we’d say.

Today’s reality is that we live in fast paced times, where technology is the new buzzword and bots are likely plotting hostile Facebook takeovers. In such an environment, where the average jaded recruiter spends no more than 6 seconds on each application (if at all), chances are your beautifully crafted 12 point size Calibri resume will land up being forgotten in a pile of nearly identical resumes. But how do I get noticed then, you ask? Well, here’s one way to do it: PARTICIPATE. Put yourself out there! And what better way to do it than to take part in an event created for the very purpose of getting you recognized by the who’s who of the industry? Hackathons, my friend! Why? Besides the fact that they’re super fun and enormously stimulating, of course. Well, as we’ve established, companies today aren’t interested in merely your resume. You might look fabulous on paper, but they want more. They’re interested in seeing whether or not you can rise to a challenge, turn it on its head and come up with an innovative solution. And that is precisely what a hackathon allows you to do. A hackathon is more than just an opportunity to get your gray cells kicking—it’s a chance to get noticed by the bigwigs while you’re at it.


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