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Webinar: Practicing the Culture of DevOps by Rajesh Raheja

The Institute of Product Leadership, whose aim is to grow the product leader community, organized a webinar on 16th March, 2017 on the topic of What Product Leaders Need to Know about DevOps. The presenter was Rajesh Raheja, VP, Product Management at CA Technologies – Rajesh is an enterprise software veteran of 25 years who shared his expertise and experience in working on devOps.
On the outset, Rajesh rued the fact that there had always been a lack of deep product management involvement when it came to devOps.
Traditionally it has been seen that converting an idea into working software has always taken a minimum of 3 months. For any company, that time frame is an eternity when it comes to surviving in a competitive market. DevOps was conceived with the goal of improving business agility with IT, by rapidly delivering resilient, high quality software at scale. Rajesh emphasised that devOps is more about the practising the art and culture of DevOps – which requires a complete mind set change. Shifting to devOps puts people closer to the consequences of their actions, thus, increasing their responsibility – since everything that a customer sees or experiences is the concern of all team members.

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According to Rajesh, the primary Benefits for teams to shift to the Devops methodology were:

● Faster delivery of products
● New feature demos can be planned rapidly
● Higher quality products result in lower customer churn
● Reduction of rework that is required over time
● Products are cheaper to operate – due to automation of complex tasks
● Reduced recovery time
● Reduced R&D expenses

Top challenges or risks in shifting to Devops were:

● Agile is a prerequisite to be able to shift to devOps efficiently.
● Existence of bureaucratic processes can kill devOps.
● Not easy to adapt since there can be cultural resistance with the team
● Lot of investment required for evangelizing devOps.

To know more about scaling devOps across the organization and how product managers can embrace the shift to devOps, view the full webinar at:


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