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The Top 5 Videos to Watch for Product Managers

2024 has been a successful year of Product Management at IPL. Many industry leaders presented their perspectives during various events such as Industry Connects, webinars, and Info sessions. Here is a handpicked list of the most impactful videos of the year. Do watch the videos on the list if you missed those events as a brief 5-minute video can convey a much more powerful message.

1. Product Manager as a Mini-CEO | Dharmesh Gandhi, AdTech India

The event that had the most impact on the attendees is the ‘Industry connect ’ where our speaker Dharmesh Gandhi, Head of Product, AdTech India shed light on Why do you need a PM who acts like a mini-CEO.

You can watch the detailed session here,

2. The Importance of Digital marketing Today and what is its Future? | Nitin Todi, OnMobile

“As a brand, we need our service to be discovered in an intriguing & most organic way,”  says Nitin Todi, Director of Product Marketing, Onmobile. And perhaps his most  the important suggestion isn’t about your products at all — it’s about protecting your enthusiasm while marketing your product in an efficient manner.

Watch his take on Digital marketing in this video,

3. How the Product Management Landscape is changing | Sharath Bulusu, Myntra

Sharath Bulusu, PM at Myntra conveyed that the growth factor when you experience working with several companies is that you grow to understand different functions in different domains. And defining goals and priorities and saying ‘No’ to everything which strikes as an obstacle towards their success.

You can watch the full video here,

4. Growing Product Industry Trends in India | Anant Arora, Target

Anant Arora, Director of product management, Target group puts it this way; “the Product scene in the next 10 years depends on who is buying what product I am building”. Watch the video where he also elaborated IPL’s involvement in influencing him to Product thinking.

You can watch the full video here,

5. What do Hiring Managers look for in Product Managers? | Lokesh Tripathi, Intuit

Lokesh Tripathi, Group Product leader, Intuit said: “Customer Empathy must be tremendously improved in an organization in order to grow, Product Managers are responsible for an organization’s empathy factor.”

You can watch the full video here,

Watch more from inspiring leaders on our channel Product Leadership on Youtube.