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How humans performed in the outside world has a direct correlation with how they feel inside. In today's fiercely competitive environment, people are challenged to outperform themselves, set difficult goals, and simultaneously, take good care of personal needs and families. The stress level index of working population and others is at all time high and there are very few counseling platforms available to cater the needs of people fighting from stress and depression.

Summary of Problem & Target Customer

Stressed out professionals in 25 to 55 age group can’t find trustworthy/confidential/professional brand for counseling. A strong go-to-market can create a new market in India in this space.

Proposed Solution

A web based, paid counseling service by qualified psychologists where customers can have a confidential session at the comfort of their home without having to come to a centre.

Value Proposition

A brand that is highly trust worthy to provide web based counseling/life coaching sessions for educated professionals in metro cities of India.



Prasad Balasubramanian, Product Manager, Accelerite

Open Questions

● What?
● Who do we partner with?
● Access to IT operates?

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