Fun Tube , Web based Hyperlocal Entertainment Platform


Fun Tube is an online entertainment platform that offers diverse multimedia channels for on- demand videos, games, and more to keep audience captivated and educated. The platform is a great alternative to YouTube as it streams uninterrupted videos without consuming large internet bandwidth.

Proposed Solution

Fun Tube is a WIFI based entertainment platform for captive audience in places like train, bus, airplane, train/bus stations, hospital receptions, etc. waiting to kill time. FUNTUBE offers them smart phone delivered on-demand video, network games, etc., without having to pay for the internet bandwidth, unlike the alternatives like YouTube that costs a lot of money for bandwidth.

Value Proposition

USER: On-Demand Infotainment
Monetization Opportunity & Customer Satisfaction



Rajesh K,
Sr. Technical Manager, Mindtree


Sandeep Kumar,
Product Manager, Bosch

Open Questions

● What?
● Who do we partner with?
● Access to IT operates?

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