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“Product Management – A Relevant Skill Today”
Dr. Andrew Bean, IPL Senior Faculty, Australia

About Dr. Andrew:

Andrew combines current academic business research with 20+ years of hands-on business experience to deliver focussed, dynamic facilitation and consulting to clients. He engages with clients to get them thinking creatively and strategically about the application of knowledge and skills.
Andrew began his professional career working with the management consulting firm, Booz, Allen and Hamilton, in strategic planning, operations improvement, information technology management, financial assessments, and market research for major international companies. Since that time he has actively concentrated on moving between academia and business, to take advantage of the opportunities for cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques between the two sectors. Since completing his Doctorate, Andrew has taught, and worked across, a wide range of scientific, technological and business disciplines, dealing with a varying clientele from different countries and age groups. This has given him extensive cross-cultural skills along with a keen understanding of what customers require from an organization and how using this knowledge can benefit the organization. It has also emphasised to him the importance of delivering consultancy that actively engages the client’s people and that has been designed to meet their specific needs and organisational background.
Recent strategy consulting work in the KSA and UAE has been with SABIC and the Starwood Hotels group. Facilitating their senior leadership teams to develop strategies to ensure their companies prosper in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world economy.

“Product Management is absolutely crucial now”

Is product management a relevant skill today?

Product management is absolutely crucial now. Be it in India or anywhere else in the world, the ability to understand what the customer needs and translate that into a product that they desire and consume is important everywhere now.

Why do you think India is now focusing on the need for Product Leaders?

I see the Indian market having great potential. It's really starting to develop as people engage and understand the importance of developing products that the consumer wants but is also demanding in a better quality, meeting the needs. I see in around 5-10 years, it will develop to the level of Silicon Valley and in fact, this potential is part of the reason I'm here.

How does the IPL EMBA program fit into this landscape?

The need for the program among companies is huge here in Bengaluru alone, let alone India. It is just not being met and there are people here who don't have the skills and training they need. IPL has identified that and developing the course they have, they will be producing graduates who meet that crying need. There are hundreds of that need to be filled in the industry market here.

Your 3 quick tips for emerging Product Leaders?

1. Ask good questions
2. Study success stories
3. Identify what you're passionate about and do it!

Key Take-aways:

1. The importance of interaction with people to understand their needs.
2. To deliver a product meeting both desire and need.
3. Recognising India's market potential.
4. Professionals need proper training and skills to perform.
5. Product leaders need to learn to ask good questions, study success stories and pursue
6. their passion.