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Master Class 1.35 – “Effective Frameworks for Memorable & Persuasive Presentations”

Learn from a True Master

Storytelling is an art and a science. You need to connect with the audience,emotionally and intellectually. Every business presentation you ever make must be memorable – from content to delivery to audience engagement. You may be an entrepreneur making an investor pitch or a product manager showcasing your new product or a senior leader conducting a town hall. To make an impact and achieve your objectives, proven frameworks can leave a lasting impression on your audience and most importantly, compel them to take action.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true Master. Learn the frameworks that will make sure you deliver powerful presentations, each and every time you stand in front of a crowd. This unique Master Class gives you a front row seat at a small, intimate gathering with one of the best presentation coaches in the world.

Key takeaways

Designing, scripting and delivering more compelling and memorable presentations and product demos, especially in situations you cannot afford to miss.

Who Should Attend

DSenior Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers, Project Managers, Marketers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and virtually anyone who has to make a winning presentation

About the Faculty

“The Elevator Pitch Expert” – Wall Street Journal
Also known as The Demo Coach, Prof. Nathan Gold is a pitch coach for numerous entrepreneurs, corporate bigwigs and TED speakers. He travels around the world, coaching and training people on how to really prepare for high-stakes presentations. Nathan has personally delivered over 15,000
presentations and over 12,000 hours of professional coaching and training while working with companies like Glue Networks,,,, Innovation Norway, SanDisk, Kaiser Permanente, and IBM. He trains on designing, scripting and delivering more compelling and memorable presentations and product demos, especially when the stakes are high and you just have to nail it!


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