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Institute of Product Leadership DILO Seminar in Gurgaon – May 2017

While the weatherman at Gurgaon was busy sweating away, the participants at IPL’s signature event “The Day In the Life of a Product Manager” held at Gurgaon were having thundershowers of knowledge and experience being poured upon them. The success of any event lies in the feedback of the participants at the end of the day. The never ending smiles and positive comments from the participants were testaments to the wonderful day that it was.

And what better way to talk about the impact of a seminar than in the attendees’ own words and expressions?

Prof. Pinkesh Shah gave a head start to the event with his Career Assessment Lecture, where he shared tips and insights into accelerating your career growth.

And as always, Mr. Shah had the audience glued to his words and ways.

One of the participants Mr. Saikat Sinha on his key takeaway from the session said “Invest 10% of your income back on yourself!”

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Raghavendra Chauhan, Director of Product Manager at Ericsson, Sharad Sharma, Product Head at Nimbuzz & Mobile Ads and Amit Kurseja, Head-Merchant Solutions, Payments and Financial Services Products at Freecharge were the esteemed panelists present in the event answering queries on current trends and best practices in the product management space.

One among the audience, Mr. Saurabh Singh Tomar was ecstatic that he could take home the solution to a problem plaguing him at work. “I have been facing challenge with a feature on B2B app, after doing ground level research we concluded that the feature is more of desire than being used by the user because of the nature of the problem the feature is suppose to solve, but the users so far have been very severe to the products which lack this feature and gave single star rating, so I have been thinking about the solution for some time and last Saturday on 6th May I attended a product management event "A day in the life of Product Manager" conducted by Institute of Product Leadership and there I put this problem in front of the panel which constituted of highly experienced product professionals like Raghavendra Chauhan, Sharad Sharma, Pinkesh Shah and Amit Kurseja. All of them gave brilliant solutions to the problem but the unique suggestion given by Sharad is the one that I pitched to my CTO Sandeep Vadnere and he approved of it. Will be implementing the same in next release. So I would like to thanks all the panelists and especially Sharad for the enlightening insights.”

The audience were engrossed in the enlightening insights and experiences shared by the panelists.

The session was lit up further by some interesting questions being brought to the table.

The panelists were no less. They were steadfast in answering the questions being fired away by the audience.

It was not only a day of experience sharing, but of interesting market revelations.

“Did you know that Infosys built Airtel Money. Fact of the day. Learnt at the event.” beamed Ms. Pooja Gupta.

Another participant Mr. Anurup Gupta quotes that the best personal take away at the event was “No matter who you are, there are ALWAYS things that you can learn from your customers. Get out and learn!”

The event provided an informal yet quality environment for some valuable networking paving way for cherishable knowledge sharing.

The overall feedback of the program was beyond excellent. “Indeed. A morning well spent. Opened up new perspectives.”, gushed Mr. Risheek Puri.

Among the praises for the event itself, the participants had special praise for Prof. Pinkesh Shah.

Mr. Archit Jain had high praise for Prof. Shah. When asked about the program feedback, he said “Prof. Pinkesh Shah, you rock!

Excellent seminar IPL. Great Career Tips, Extraordinary Panel Discussion & excellent Participants & Networking. We should have more of these!

Thanks, Amit Kurseja, Raghavendra Chauhan Sharad Sharma for the Panel Discussion.

Some Takeaways
1. 3 Steps to Enhance your Career: a) Look b) Hook c) Book
2. Data is the key; need to ask the right questions to get the right answers!
3. Invest 10% of your annual earnings to Re-Skill & Up-Skill.
4. Never get STUCK in your career.
5. Align your Career with your Personality Anchors.
6. Read book The Golden Tap- By Kashyap Deorah

And last but not the least, Always Ask WHY (the reason behind doing something)? Rather than HOW HIGH (Execution mode)?”

It was not only the participants who had a day to remember, but the panelists too shared the same emotions. Each of the panelists felt that they had a wealth of knowledge on their plates to digest into their system.

Sharad Sharma shared his experiences on being a panelist for the event. He said “It was great being a panelist at Institute of Product Leadership seminar at Gurgaon.
Stimulating discussions/debates with product management gurus( Amit Kurseja & Raghavendra Chauhan ), esteemed educationalist/entrepreneur/product manager Prof Pinkesh Shah and an eclectic mix of founders, entrepreneurs & product managers made this seminar a resounding success. Thank you IPL for a Saturday well spent”

If this was not an experience to remember, then what would be?


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