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How to get your butterflies flying in formation….and other secrets from the Demo Coach

The week has been a Golden one for many IPL students and master class attendees, not to mention NASSCOM’s budding entrepreneurs.

Nathan Gold, San Francisco Bay Area’s famous “Demo Coach” is also IPL’s faculty. He’s visiting Bangalore this week, and held a master class at IPL’s Koramangala campus to a select group of attendees who wanted to ace their upcoming presentations. He also held a special session for NASSCOM’s budding entrepreneurs at their Diamond District incubation space.

Prof. Gold specialises in coaching entrepreneurs and C-suite executives around the world in high-stakes presentations. He’s been responsible for scores of presenters landing that crucial second meeting or netting the ask from VCs and investors.

Attendees were wowed by the guidelines he shared for maximising leverage with the audience with a minimum number of slides. The secret number? It’s somewhere around 5, per Prof. Gold, but yours may vary. He also imparted golden tips on getting those inevitable pre-presentation butterflies to fly in formation – it’s all in the breathing, voice modulation and some peppy music.

Here are some pictures from the events. To access the slides and recording of Prof. Gold’s master class, join CLAP- IPL’s Continuous Learning and Access Program, a unique platform that allows busy professionals to learn anytime, anywhere.


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