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How is it like to be a "growth product manager" and what are the future prospects?

Growth Product Managers re-hired by companies to help grow the product in terms of features of marketing strategy. Now-a-days companies are looking for growth product managers who actually can make a difference in promoting and enhancing the features of the product & ultimately contribute to ROI.

The responsibilities for a growth product manager can be like

  • Identifying the low performing features & workflow in the company & likewise conduct experiments to improve these with A/B tests etc.
  • Build and expand features that help our customers understand their own usage better and adopt more for the company.
  • Making sure to create dashboards for actionable insight with the usage of the company data
  • Work together closely with the rest of the (product) team to become more data-driven
  • Take the lead in decisions about the product, and as a PM you are part of a team that delivers a change.
  • Capacity and availability planning is another attribute where you work together with engineering managers on schedules and planning.

The future of growth product manager is quite promising. The growth has been tremendous in the last 5 years. Well its gaining a lot of importance in the upcoming years, and top companies are hiring growth product managers.

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