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Give Wings to the Fire Within!

29th April, 2017 was a day that started off as being bright and sunny in Bengaluru, Karnataka, but the latter half of the day turned wet and gloomy with intermittent rains. However, that did nothing to dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic bunch of cohorts of the EMBA class of 2017B since it was Orientation Day!

Pic: Dr. Marya Wani welcomes the students

The program started off with Dr. Marya Wani, Head of Research and Curriculum Design at the Institute of Product Leadership warmly welcoming the students and introducing the professors for the course. She spoke to the students about the design of the program, the program pedagogy and curriculum. Next, Prof. Ramanan Ganesan, head of the EMBA program, pointed out that experiential learning was a very integral part of the EMBA program. He stated that every EMBA participant would be provided a unique opportunity to build a product and business plan around an identified challenge as part of the experiential learning process.

Dynamic Prof. Vasudev Murthy then spoke about how the professors at IPL teach about real-life situations rather than just textbook oriented scenarios. He asserted that the curriculum designers ensured that the course was constantly relevant by experimenting with and changing the program based on the needs of the industry and inputs of the cohorts.

Pic: Prof. Vasudev Murthy addresses the new joinees

Prof. Viswanath Parameswaran, Leadership & Executive Coach at IPL, urged the cohorts not to get overwhelmed and anxious by all that they would be experiencing over the next 18 months. He advised everyone to just to take it one step at a time – and before long, they would reach the summit! Dr. Pavan Soni, Professor for Innovation and Strategy – emphasised that creativity and innovation needn’t be placed on a very high pedestal – these are just skills that can be learnt.

Dr. Pavan Soni opined that creativity and innovation can be learned

The participants of the EMBA program then spoke about their backgrounds and their hope for this learning program to be a career booster for them. They all looked forward to the opportunity to learn new skills and better already existing skills through the EMBA program.

The class of 2017B consists of a high-achieving set of students geared up to make their mark in the product space. With work experience in companies such as Reva, TVS Motor Company, Adobe, Citrix and Ericsson, the program gives each participant a chance to interact and network with an amazingly diverse group of individuals as well as the best of the faculty from around the world.

Pic: The gathering

Welcome to the Class of 2017-B. We wish each of the participants the very best!

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