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IPL Webinar: Effective Negotiation Skills That Get Results By Dr. Andrew Bean

One of the most important skills that need to be mastered when it comes to businesses and corporate leadership is the skill of effective negotiation. This skillset requires grounding and to get there takes effort. This is especially tougher in a technological space as technology has been rapidly changing the workplace.

On 16th February, IPL presented an opportunity to interact with Dr. Andrew Bean, Senior Faculty, IPL, at a webinar that addressed these very issues. Attendees got an introduction to negotiating techniques and skills, as well as Dr. Bean’s insights on the importance of negotiation and how it impacts projects and roles people undertake within the corporate sphere.

Andrew Bean

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Negotiation is a core transaction that supports the production of value within a team’s performance. Many teams walk out of negotiations, leaving behind 10% or 20% or more on the table unproduced. People do not think of the power that negotiation itself has. When one thinks about why they negotiate, they bring up the concept of wants. However, wants are unimportant. Instead, understand what a person really needs. The difference between these two is crucial in figuring out the importance of negotiation as a skill.

Throughout the engaging webinar, Dr. Bean talked about underlying concepts that lie within the realm of negotiation. He talked about the dynamics of needs and worries, as well as those of power as a part of the tools required to hone the skills of negotiation. Any negotiation that does not end well could lead to conflicts. Learning how to resolve them is as essential as learning to negotiate.


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