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“Customer Delight”..Do you want to know what it takes to deliver that?

I recently reported the loss of my credit card to SBI. The card was blocked immediately and heard that a new card will be issued within 5-7 business days. The card did not arrive and the customer service rep had no visibility into what the status was. I was told that the card will be resent in another 5- 7 business days and I still don't have the card. Called Customer service again and now the new card is to be mailed in another 5 -7 days. I am just crossing my fingers now but definitely not holding my breathe 🙂

While companies like Flipkart, Amazon deliver on the same day, it has been more than a month and I still haven't received my replacement card. Funny part is ...I am a platinum priority customer and my experience is this.

If you are a product manager or a technologist building a product and want to know what it really takes to deliver "Customer Delight", you can learn from industry practitioners in Product Leaders Forum -2015, Non-profit co on Feb 20th @ Marriott Hotel, Whitefield , Bangalore.

Reserve your seat for Design Thinking session where you will learn what it takes to deliver "Customer Delight".


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